FAQ (sort of)

So, if you want to know about me, which you probably don’t know a lot about my interests and stuff, here’s a FAQ, with the questions asked myself (im desperate lol)

Q – When did you start YouTube and what made you do it?

A – I made my account in 2008 and I think I uploaded my real first video in ’09. The ones before were just stupid videos showing off my Spore Creature Creator things I made (do people even remember that game?). Since Club Penguin was in it’s prime when I was playing it back in around the same time, everybody made videos on it. Skits, “music videos” if you want to call them that, and people were actually being successful. So, me being the 8-9 year old I am, I hop onto that trend train. Thus, my YouTube career started. My username was “fredmarkb” due to my dad making my account, but I eventually changed it to Alfredeo in 2013. After the Club Penguin era, I decided to just do gaming videos in general. While I’m definitely most proud of the videos I make now, I feel like my older ones helped me learn more to make future videos better.

Q – What editing software do you use?

A – For almost all of my videos, I’ve used Windows Movie Maker. Yes, it’s extremely simple and doesn’t have a lot of features but for the past 5 years or so, it worked. I have yet to learn Premiere even though I have it, but hopefully I’ll get onto that.

Q – Who are your inspirations/which YouTubers do you usually watch?

A – It changes. But I have a few YouTubers that are really good at what they do and I try to reach their success as well. Examples are Wong Fu Productions, who do short films/sketches/dramas, their storytelling and the production quality are superb and they really inspire me to get involved with film. Not sure if people still remember this guy but, Dominic Fera, he was really popular back in 2008-09 for making the “Lazer Collection” cartoons (modern-day equivalent would be the “asdfmovie” series). Other than his animations, he made some really good and interesting short films like Deck’d and Kenny Bassender, which I recommend you should watch. YouTubers I really watch, I guess DashieGames, mychonny, Jerma985, TheWarpZone, videogamedunkey and that’s just to name a few.

Q – What are your interests/what are you good at?

A – I enjoy playing sports not really competitively but as a friendly match I guess. I like playing basketball and baseball but I think I’m leaning towards bowling as my favorite sport to play. It’s fun to me. What I’m good at, I’m decent at playing the guitar and ukulele. I’ve been playing for about a year and I dunno, maybe I’ll record myself playing a song or two on my second channel.

Q – Sports teams you like?

A – Man, this is gonna be a doozy. So, as you might know, I’m from San Francisco, the Bay Area, born and raised. Recently, the Bay’s got some criticism for the Golden State Warriors, the NBA team, the SF Giants, the MLB team and people just don’t like us. Mostly because people here are “band wagoners” since our teams just got popular for winning and stuff while in past years, our teams were nobodys and the laughingstocks. Okay, some people are, I won’t lie, I was a band wagoner for a team or two, but in this case, I’m from here, wouldn’t want to live in any other place than here in the Bay Area, so I think I should rep my teams. Win or lose, I’m proud to be a fan of those teams.

Q – Computer specs? What equipment are you working with?

A – My computer right now is just an old HP Pavilion (some model number) from around 2009-10. Surprisingly, I can run some games like GTA V and NBA 2k17 but on really low settings. I am planning to get a new computer soon. Equipment wise, for my microphone, I use a Blue Snowball, a lot of people use the Blue Yeti, but I thought it was pretty expensive. Webcam, Logitech C920, probably the best budget webcam for YouTubers. Keyboard is Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard and my mouse is Jelly Comb 4000 DPI High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse. Recording software, OBS is mainly focused on streaming on Twitch or YouTube Gaming, but can be used for videos as well. It’s free and easy to use. I plan to use my Elgato Game Capture device in the future for console videos.

Q – Favorite games at the moment?

A – Well, currently (9-24-16), I’m really into Rocket League, which is basically soccer with cars. It’s extremely fun. You should definitely check it out. NBA 2k17 just came out, I bought it, I’m having a good time with it, the MyCareer mode where you make your own player and try to be the best NBA player of all time, is more than I expected (which is a good thing) and the story is not bad as well. I wish I can play Overwatch on my computer but you know, it’s crappy.

Q – Any advice for starting YouTubers?

A – Okay, in general, do you. Make videos that you yourself would want to watch. If it’s Pokemon Go videos, beauty tutorials, vlogs, whatever you like, just make it. Just don’t break the guidelines of YouTube.

As for gaming-based YouTubers, you don’t need extremely good equipment to make good quality videos. It’s definitely helpful, but look at me, I’m working with an 6-7 year old computer that is very outdated and I make decent videos. Just work with what you got, then once you have the money, go ahead and upgrade.

I feel like that was a good blog post to tell you guys a bit more about me and what’s behind the scenes and what I do when I’m not on YouTube. So yeah. Thanks for reading!



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