Amagami SS – Anime Review


You might be thinking why the hell I’m reviewing an anime (I mean not even a movie bro?). Well, I guess this show was so good that I wanted to put my thoughts out since the characters in it can be in heated debates on the internet. After you read this, you might as well just call me some weeaboo.

So this anime is called Amagami SS, based on a Playstation 2 dating sim, the anime is a romcom (romance comedy) with an omnibus format, meaning there is one guy and several girls that have separate relationships and stories. Every four episodes, the “universe” resets, and starts a new story with a different girl, still staying in the timeframe from before, around Christmas.


The protagonist is Tachibana Junichi, a regular high school guy. His significance is that two years ago, he got stood up (meaning a date didn’t show up) on Christmas Eve. Resulting in breaking his heart and having that memory burned into his mind every Christmas Eve. Now, present day, he just hangs out in his closet which he also made a planetarium with stars and crap and spends most of his time with his two friends, Tanamachi Kaoru (best girl) and his broski Umehara Masayoshi (the coolest bro, he calls Junichi “boss”, like daaaamn bro)

There are several female characters (i cant believe i’m actually reviewing this in depth) and what I think about them and their arcs:


Morishima Haruka – a senior in Junichi’s school who has lots of energy, is happy all the time, and can be a little bit pervy

[This arc was pretty good for the first one in the anime, it’s just that after seeing all of them, it didn’t really live up to some of the others]


Tanamachi Kaoru (did i mention she’s my favorite?) –  Junichi’s friend since middle school, she’s seems like a bro type of girl since she usually hangs out with guy friends but still has some girl characteristics. She lives with her mom and both strive to work hard to support each other

[best arc in my opinion, something about knowing a person like Kaoru for a significant amount of time as close friends and then starting a romantic relationship with love and arguing, the most healthiest + realistic relationship, interests me]


Nakata Sae – extremely shy transfer student, her significance is the size of her breasts (i really did say that) since she’s just a freshman

[i kinda didn’t enjoy this one, thought it was a bit boring, but you can be your own judge]

Speaking of freshmen, did you know that Japanese high schools apparently only have three years (Freshman, Junior, Senior) instead of here in the states where it’s four years (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior). I thought that was pretty weird.


Nanasaki Ai – A freshman, very athletic, calm and humble, at the beginning she dislikes Junichi but warms up to him later on (have fun with the intimate scene hehe)

[at first, watching her from the arcs before, I thought her arc was gonna be hella boring. But, I really liked this arc, great development of Ai, many people thought this was the best one, but eh, Kaoru fanboy here. the credits song is amazing tho]

An upperclassman dating a underclassman, or woman should I say, made me feel uneasy about that. It’s not that often you see an older student dating a younger one, especially Sae. But, that’s just me.


Sakurai Rihoko – Junichi’s childhood friend, has a big appetite and always gets called out for that from Junichi. she’s very happy basically.

[I liked her arc, again because of the close friend to later dating kind of relationship but Kaoru boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis]


Ayatsuji Tsukasa – last arc in the series, extremely hard-working to the point of exhaustion, has a habit of studying (wow) and a great leader. I won’t say too much but she can change how she acts

[one of the best ones, mainly because of the chemistry with her and Junichi]


Tachibana Miya – Junichi’s sister, which if you were thinking, no he doesn’t date his own sister, that’s disgusting. She is very energetic and has a love hate relationship with Junichi, like every sibling pair. She’s also friends with Ai and Sae, and she seems fine with her brother dating them. What a nice sister.

There is one other girl that only appears in one episode but still has a story line like all the other female characters but hers is very significant, so you will have to see for yourself.

The art in the anime is just like any old slice-of-life (lifestyle), high school based anime.

The music, specifically the theme song and credits songs, which every arc has a different one and sung by the main female character in the arc, is amazing. The Ai ending song is probably the best one in my opinion. (it gave me chills, her voice is amazing okay.)

In conclusion, if you like romance, comedy, slice-of-life, a little bit pervy (this anime is definitely not for little kids so don’t show this to your younger siblings), then I highly recommend you watch this amazing show.

Info and Where to Watch:

If you have not watched this anime, the opening is a good introduction on what you’re about to see (ya see the best of the best kaoru there?):

I know this was really out of the blue, but I just finished watching this show and it was really good so yeah. If you enjoyed this kind of post from me, I’d be glad to review another anime or movie or TV show or something.

**Review of the second season here.**

Also, I have uploaded a few videos since the last post so please check them out @ Thanks dudes!


2 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Anime Review

  1. Ayyyyyyy good post! I dig the in-depth analysis of each girl’s arc. Though we may differ a bit on favorite arcs. My favorite’s were Morishima’s and Ayatsuji’s story arcs. And I think Rihoko’s was my least favorite, since there was almost 0 progression in here attempt at dating Junichi. So it was kinda boring for me. But I do agree with you on Kaoru’s being a dope arc.
    As soon as I watch season 2, I’ll go over to your review of it and fanboy a bit more. Thanks for the good post, mate 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad there’s someone I can talk to about this show, haha!

      Honestly, this post is way different than how I write reviews now, I mean it made me rewrite a better one, but I’m glad you enjoyed my first review!

      Regarding the different arcs, honestly, I liked all of them but while others may not agree with my personal favorite relationship, I can definitely respect their opinion. (Even though I’m extremely biased towards Kaoru :P)

      Regarding Rihoko, I love her personality and the close relationship she has with Junichi, but like you said, I was devastated that they didn’t date at the end. However, what I’ll say to that is definitely watch second season.

      And yeah, I’ll be here, ready to discuss second season and keep praising Kao- I mean every arc. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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