Amagami SS Plus – Anime Review Part 2 (spoilers)

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WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers from the second season of Amagami SS and the first season due to it’s continuation of the arcs. If you don’t want to be spoiled, watch both of the seasons before reading. Baka. (isn’t that the cringiest thing you’ve read from me)

If you haven’t read my review on the first season, read it here.

Aren’t you just jealous of this protagonist yet?

Amagami SS Plus continues from the first season Amagami SS. It shows the aftermath of each arc after Junichi and each of the six girls start dating. What’s different about this season is that it’s shortened to thirteen episodes. Two episodes a girl, plus the Miya (Junichi’s sister) arc.

First up, we seem to be going backwards now, starting with Ayatsuji Tsukasa, the hard-working one. Few months after Tsukasa and Junichi started dating, she decides to run student council president (i think). She obviously picks Junichi to be her vice president, but another candidate chose him also? whatthehellisgoingonnnnnn

[The continuation of this arc is okay. It was interesting to see the relationship of Junichi and Tsukasa possibly dissolve after that vice president situation but eh, it was kinda predictable.]

Next up, we have Sakurai Rihoko, the chubby one basically (sorry Rihoko), and again, if you have not seen first season and didn’t listen to me at the beginning, don’t say I didn’t warn you. As you might of remembered in the first season, Rihoko did not confess her feelings to Junichi at the end of her arc. This made many people angry and sad that her arc didn’t end the way everyone else’s did. But, AIC resolved it by… you probably should watch it if you haven’t. Also, who the hell is this creepy guy who tried to pick up Rihoko? dun dun dunnnnnn.

[As I said, the studio did resolve the bad ending of Rihoko’s arc in the second season. I was so glad that they gave Rihoko a proper resolution to send us off.]

In the middle, we have Nanasaki Ai. The athletic, calm freshman who was one of my favorite girls in all of the arcs. This time, it fast forwards to the next year when it’s Junichi’s last year in high school. Christmas Eve is coming up and they have yet to decide where they should have their date. But, sudden plans get into the way. Junichi has to go to cram school, the real shit, the ruler smacking teacher cram school. And it happens to land on the day before Christmas Eve, extending into their expected date. Ai then feels very lonely that she can’t be with Junichi. But knowing Junichi, he can turn that around.

[I mean I thought it was pretty good, it improved on how great a boyfriend Junichi can be. That’s really it. Ai’s pretty chill and cool still.]

And now. The one we’ve all be waiting for. Well, especially me. TANAMACHI KAORUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU BOIIIII. Sorry if I’m a little biased but… this. Arc. Was. Awesome. Kaoru wants to spend her last summer vacation on a trip with Junichi. But, as we all experience, we don’t got the cold hard cash sometimes. Kaoru and Junichi decide to get part-time jobs to get some money, which one job, gets interesting. I’ll let you see for yourself. But, Kaoru stumbles upon a cheap vacation by bus and they go on that instead. Things start to go downhill from here, starting with missing their bus after a short break at a pit stop. The rest, you’ll have to watch it. I really want to tell you but I just can’t.

[Alright I’ll stop being a fanboy now and be honest. It was really good. It made Kaoru think about what her and Junichi’s relationship really was. Was it just still friends? Lovers? Their positives and negatives during this trip helped her figure it out and improve their relationship a lot. #jaoru #kunichi #didyouseethatlastkissomgomgomg]

Whew. Sorry about that. Let me just relax for a second. So, we now look at the less quiet, still bouncy… Nakata Sae. The arc starts by Junichi recording Sae for some sort of home video. After they (SPOILER ALERT) finally kissed in a private theater room, they started making films together. That aside, Sae becomes more popular at school due to her overcoming her shyness. But, people see Junichi, her boyfriend now, as some loser. Because of her newly claimed popularity, Miya, Junichi’s sister, persuades Sae to run for the Founder’s Festival Committee (which is the committee for the traditional festival on Christmas Eve the school does). Sae becomes much more busier which means Junichi can barely see her anymore. How can Junichi bring her back? You know what to do.

[Nice development of Sae. Continuing from first season, it was a good transition and AIC made her much more interesting. Story was pretty good, as I said, it helped develop Sae’s characters. That is all.]

Lastly, ladies and gentleman, the popular, energetic… and sometimes creepy, Morishima Haruka! Unlike most of the other arcs, this one doesn’t start the next year, due to her being a senior when Junichi’s only a junior last season. They start dating, people are congratulating Junichi for scoring a nice one. After passing a store with wedding clothes, Haruka tells Junichi that her grandpa proposed to her grandma on the day she graduated, same with her cousin (I assume). Haruka later decides to practice the future events of life with Junichi such as walking down the aisle on their wedding day, finding out that they’re having a kid and the family dinners after Junichi comes back home from work. I gave too much details on the little things so hopefully I can shorten the good stuff. Haruka’s cousin that I mentioned earlier, Jessica, a British girl that looks just like Haruka except the different hair and eye colors, comes over to Japan to visit her. And after Haruka suddenly spends the night at Junichi’s (their first time together. In his house. Alone.), she brings up that she’ll be going to university. Where? In England. Meaning Junichi won’t see her that much, or even at all. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. How will Junichi get her to stay? watchit

[The conflict in this arc was actually pretty great. The sudden mention of moving away from Japan, leaving Junichi was surprising and I also wondered what Junichi would do to stop it. It was good.]

Gah lee, over a thousand words I wrote. Well, let’s finish this. Art is the same. Music, kinda disappointed, the opening theme was excellent, but they did not do the individual ending songs for each arc like last season so I’m kinda sad about that.

In conclusion, it did an amazing job wrapping up the whole series and I’m actually going to miss this show. It was a great watch and made me think about relationships differently. There is a, I guess you could call it a spinoff, show from Amagami SS, called Seiren, same style, same studio. So if you liked Amagami SS, you better fucking watch this one. I am definitely going to.


I’ll be sure to review Seiren and probably an anime I’ve seen already. Thanks for reading guys and if you haven’t watched this show, seriously. Do it.

And I’ll leave it off with this (the song is in higher pitch cause of copyright reasons):


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