New Video and BTS on the Anime OP

If you did not know, I made a new video. Here it is:

You probably noticed the reenactment of an anime opening intro I made. The day before I made this video, I was actually planning out what kind of things I did in the opening. Here is a screenshot of what I put down:


there was some shit I added in like the cookie part and the gaming part just to make it longer.

If you’re wondering what the song is, it’s from the anime I reviewed in a couple posts ago, called Amagami SS Plus. Here’s the opening on YouTube thanks to Jun the Fate:

This part was mainly made to tell my friend Andrey, or known on YouTube, Flying Platypus, that I reviewed an anime cause he usually makes fun of me for watching anime and shit lol.

So yeah. I had fun with making this short little thing. It would’ve been easier and probably better if I had someone helping me film but you gotta deal with what you got. I hope you maybe laughed at that, cause that was the point.



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