Day 2 of Anime-mas: Kokoro Connect

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Hey and welcome to day two of Anime-mas! If you don’t know what this is about, basically I’ve been making mini reviews on different anime I’ve watched or am watching right now until New Years Day 2017. This is the second one out of 10, so if you haven’t seen my first one on Chuunibyou, you can see it here.

Today’s anime is called Kokoro Connect, made by Silver Link (surprisingly not the people who made K-ON! even though the art style looks the same). I’ve only seen two episodes so far but I’ll talk about what the story is about and if it’s worth continuing.

It’s a drama, slice-of-life, comedy, supernatural and romance anime. You might be thinking, “god another romance anime? are you that desperate to get a girlfriend bro?” well… lol. I just find romance anime very story-rich and I like movies, books, TV shows with a lot of story to tell… and so I can start a relationship. BUT ANYWAYS….

This anime got my attention right from the first episode. The story goes, five high school students who couldn’t decide what club to join, all then created a journalism club. What’s so significant that they all would later find a power that they could not control when and how to use. The power is… changing bodies? Yes, some or even all of them switch bodies at a random point during the day. It could be during school, while they’re sleeping, it could happen in a heartbeat.

This is an anime that I could get interested in. The first episode packed a lot of information and even left us with a cliff-hanger. The concept is definitely something I have not seen before even really in American media, possibly because I don’t really watch many movies, but if this concept is somewhat popular, I personally haven’t seen it. I mean changing bodies randomly, that must suck and possibly be awesome… in multiple ways.

So, will I keep watching this? Yes, probably. It has potential at this moment for me, so yeah. And as always, if you like drama, slice-of-life, supernatural shit, comedy and romance, all in an anime, this could be a show for you.




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