Day 3 of Anime-mas: Himouto Umaru-chan

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Hi and welcome to a very, very late day 3 of Anime-mas. The reason of this lateness is that I went to Chicago over the holidays, the internet at my relative’s house was not very good and I was pretty lazy lol. That might sound like a bunch of excuses so, hopefully you’ll forgive me and I will make reviews for the days I’ve missed tomorrow since I’m still jet lagged.

Anyways, here is the anime of the day, Himouto Umaru-chan, or My Two-Faced Little Sister made by Doga Kobo, never heard of that studio but I bet they made a shitload of money off of this show.

The show follows Doma Umaru, a beautiful, smart, athletic school girl that everyone, at school, in public, looks at in awe. It’s almost like she’s a celebrity.

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But when she gets to home…

She gets extremely lazy, plays video games, surfs the web, drinks soda, eats a bunch of junk food and all the things a lazy teenager really does, but to the max.

And her brother, Taihei, a regular hardworking salary man, has to deal with her shit.

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There are other main characters who add to the story, like Nana Ebina, a country bumpkin who moved to the city and has the hots for Taihei.

Another one is Motoba Kirie, Umaru’s classmate who looks very frightening to everyone but really wants to be nice and to become friends with Umaru.

Lastly, Umaru’s rival, Tachibana Sylphinford, don’t know how the hell to say that but, she is very determined to defeat Umaru in any competitive hobby/sport she can but usually fails to do so. However, it’s a friendly competition and they don’t despise each other.

In conclusion, this is a goofy show and you can get a good laugh out of it. There’s no intense story to follow, it’s just plain old comedy. So, yeah, if you like to laugh, you might like this.

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