Day 5 of Anime-mas: K-ON!

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#tbt amiright?

Welcome to day 5 of Anime-mas on the Alfredeo Blog. Currently, I am catching up on the reviews due to traveling for the holidays, but I’m back home and working hard to fill the gap.

Today, we will be reviewing one of the most well-known slice-of-life music shows in the world, K-ON!, made by Kyoto Animation who also made other VERY famous anime such as Lucky Star, Clannad, Suzumiya Haruhi, Chuunibyou (my review on it here). My view on KyoAni:

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This Japanese animation is about a girl named Yui Hirasawa, who just started high school and has yet to choose a club to join but she isn’t good at anything. Yui then sees the flyer for the “Light Music Club”, thinking “light” means easy so she just says oh hell yeah i’m joining that shit (she didn’t say those words tho lol).

On the other hand, two best friends, Ritsu Tainaka, a person who’s passionate about music and drumming, and Mio Akiyama, a quiet, kind girl who plays the bass, struggle to keep the Light Music Club alive because of the lack of members.

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A very kind and good-looking girl named Tsumugi Kotobuki comes into the club room thinking it was a choir club but then gets forced into joining Keion by Ritsu.

After the club gets the sufficient amount of members, they can finally start practice music for their goal, to be on the big stage at Budokan. But, it’s usually the opposite, them just sitting around drinking tea and eating sweets most of the time.

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After a concert at the high school’s festival for freshmen, a girl named Azusa Nakano sees it and thinks about joining. She then sees that they don’t take music seriously but gets hypnotized by the sweets, making her join.

In conclusion, the music… amazing. I wish I can show you a song of theirs but you know they took most videos down on YouTube due to copyright, so you might as well just watch it. The characters, great development of the relationship they all have. It’s a funny show. So if you like good music, funny characters and random amusing events that happen, you could, no no no, you SHOULD watch this show.

update: someone somehow didn’t get kyoani’s attention

this one is also good

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