Day 6 of Anime-mas: Clannad

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Oh my jesus, this show.

HELLLLLO and welcome to day 6 of Alfredeo’s Anime-mas, where if you didn’t know, I reviewed an anime, watched or am watching, for the past 6 days. If you would like to see the other reviews, here they are.

Today, we will be reviewing Clannad, made by KyoAni, which I reviewed 2 of their shows already, K-ON! and Chuunibyou.

Based on a visual novel by KEY on the PC and Xbox 360, the story goes, a guy named Okazaki Tomoya, a high schooler, looks at his life being useless and boring, making him not care about grades and skip school with his best friend Sunohara Youhei.

He then passes by a girl named Furukawa Nagisa, a girl who mutters to herself words of motivation and starts talking to Tomoya. She thinks their friends but Tomoya doesn’t think so.

As the school year goes by, Tomoya sees Nagisa more often and finally gives up and becomes friends with her. She wants to revive the school’s drama club, and Tomoya decides to help her since he has nothing better to do.

Four other girls come in to help Nagisa, Fujibayashi Kyou, a bad-mouthed and aggressive person, her sister Ryou, not like her sister, timid and likes fortune-telling, Ichinose Kotomi, a quiet girl who’s always in the library.

Lastly, Ibuki Fuuko, who is obsessed with starfish and gets irritated by Tomoya.

This show has some pretty funny segments, but that’s not the major thing about this show. This show is filled with really sad, heart-warming drama. Like sad to the verge of tears or full on sobbing. That doesn’t mean it’s not a show to watch, it’s a pretty damn good story.

*spoiler alert*

An example of drama in this show is when Tomoya and Nagisa find out that Fuuko is actually in the hospital, in a coma. Her condition worsens, making everyone forget about her. She then starts to disappear physically from the world.

There are other segments with drama in each of the girls’ section of the show, which you should watch.

This show also has 2 episodes with a sort of omnibus format like Amagami SS, where Tomoya instead starts to have a romantic relationship with Kyou in one episode and the other with Sakagami Tomoya, a girl who fights delinquents and takes no shit from anybody.

Clannad includes one of the most popular anime endings, Dango Daikazoku, a beautiful lullaby that’s pretty catchy to be honest.

There is a second season which is much much much more sad but I won’t review it, meaning that you should watch it yourself.

So yeah, that’s that. If you like romance, slice-of-life, lots of drama, comedy and you’re willing to cry, you should watch this show, no hesitation.

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