Day 9 of Anime-mas: Death Parade

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“ay i’m milking the shit out of this crunchyroll free 7 day trial I got so deal with anime reviews fam” -me

Ya-ho and welcome to the second to last review of Anime-mas on the Alfredeo Blog! If you don’t kn- you already know. (

Today’s animation show of the Japanese is Death Parade, made by Madhouse who also created One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter and No Game No Life, which are all very popular anime on the internet.

Alright now first off, I want you to listen to the amazing opening for this show:

it’s funky as hell man, it’s catchy as hell too. This might be why the show is so popular.

Anyways, the concept of this show is simple: two random people who have died get sent to limbo basically and they both have to play a game. Whoever wins that game can get reincarnated while the loser gets lost in the void.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The games can range to pool/billiards, a fighting game like Street Fighter, darts and even bowling. But the significance is that each game can help the people participating bring back memories on how they died and also bring out the dark part of each participant.

(it’s been a while since I finished this show so my memories about this might and probably will be wrong so I apologize.)

The leader of the games is Decim, an arbitrator, who after the games, gets to judge who will get reincarnated or who will be left into the void, judging the way the participants acted while playing.

There is also a story with a human girl who doesn’t remember a thing, not ever her name and assists Decim with the games and such. But throughout the anime, she slowly gets her memories back and finally sees the unfortunate way she died.

Image result for chiyuki death parade

There is also some side story that I don’t really want to get into but in conclusion, this anime shows that all people have some good and some bad in them. It’s a very dark and mysterious anime with a little bit of fun added in. Interesting story too. This show is definitely a major switch from all the high school slice-of-life anime I’ve reviewed so this is a good breather. You should watch it, btw.

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