Bonus Anime-mas Review: My Neighbor Totoro

(ay if you haven’t noticed by my other posts on this blog, i use foul language and this one has a lot so yeah if ya don’t like bad words, get the… mouse cursor and please go to another page on the worldwide web… yeah that’s me trying to be funny)

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If I’m reviewing a bunch of anime, how can I not include the works of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki? Am I fucking insane!????!?!?!?!?!?!

Even though Mr. Miyazaki says that anime was the worst thing ever created,

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We still identify his work as anime, so sorry about that old man!

The anime/movie we’ll be reviewing today is the very very popular My Neighbor Totoro, made by the now Disney-owned Studio Ghibli, who also created Spirited Away, The Wind Rises, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service… basically, they’re fucking billionaires.

This iconic movie follows a man named Tatsuo Kusakabe who with his two daughters Satsuki, a responsible older sister and Mei, a more curious and adventurous child, move to the countryside to be closer to their very ill mother. They have a ton of fun together as family while adjusting to a new life.

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But after hearing that their mother’s illness might be getting worse, Mei runs away and gets lost the forest nearby. She then finds bunny-like creatures, you know what one of them is called, don’t you?

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They then find themselves living with these magical, kawaii creatures now including a bus that is also a cat. isn’t that swell?

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This anime shows the importance of being a child and exploring the environment around you. Nature is a cool thing to explore and discover different things that exist in the world other than technology, skyscrapers and entertainment. Nowadays, kids and teenagers (i’ll definitely include myself) are on their phones, iPads, computers, just browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos about unboxings and the “top 10 Video Game Characters that try way to hard to be cool“, like who the fuck gives a shit about that?

So yeah, in conclusion, everyone should watch this movie, even if you’re child or adult. It’s iconic to the animation universe, like come on, if you haven’t seen this, are you living under a god damn rock? Are you just watching those shitty animation movies like Angry Birds the Movie thinking that’s the best the world’s got, like come on son. Get with the times. Sorry for being mean but like seriously, watch this now. And even the other Ghibli movies.

I’ll even give you a link to watch the movie online here and here and even here.

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