Anime Review: Tonari No Seki-kun

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Alright guys, welcome to the first anime review since Anime-mas, which you can read alllllll of the reviews I’ve made for that event on the Alfredeo Blog here.

Today’s anime we’ll be reviewing is Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time, made by Shin-Ei Animation, who made Amaama to Inazuma (my favorite show of 2016) and Crayon Shin-chan which is apparently a popular show but that shit looks too weird for me.

Converted from manga to anime, this show follows Yokoi Rumi, a normal school girl in class, trying to pay attention like a good student.

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While next to her, a boy named Seki takes advantage of being in the way back of the class and occupies himself with doing something else than learning.

Yet Yokoi gets completely into what he’s doing even and commentates in her head what’s happening even though she worries that he’ll get caught and tries to stop him, resulting to her getting in trouble instead.

It’s a very basic show and pretty funny. The different activities Seki does to the extreme while not even getting caught gives us a pretty amusing and funny show.

Ending’s pretty nice too:

and holy shit they made a live action version of this show, like with actually excellent production quality not some “a bunch of kids that have a shitty point-and-shoot camera who want to make a movie” quality (but subs are not in english)

overall, if you don’t want to deal with shows that include intense stories with a 24 minute episode length and want a good laugh, watch this one.

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