Update 1/5/17

so i’ve been extremely sick for the past 4 days and i really do not want to be honestly

i was planning to make a few more videos this week but due to my illness, the rest of the week will be video-free.

next week tho, there will be a special special event going on on my channel, Monday or Tuesday, so keep a look out for that.

tomorrow is when Seiren, the anime that’s a spin off of ¬†Amagami SS, one of my favorite anime, finally fucking premieres so im definitely definitely definitely reviewing the first episode tomorrow so you should watch along with me. it’s gonna be on crunchyroll, gogoanime, all the anime streaming sites so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it

that’s pretty much it dudes! thanks for being patient and i will make this lack of videos up to you with a nice surprise!



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