Seiren Episode 1 – Anime Review

*contains spoilers for Seiren and Amagami SS so watch those before reading this*

aight dudes, today was the day…

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…when Seiren finally came to America with English subs.

Now this show, wooooo, this partic-tacular show, if you did not know, is in the same universe and concept as another romance comedy series, Amagami SS, where it included the creative omnibus format, which is explained by a Yahoo Answers user pretty well:

[Talking about Amagami SS] Each heroine had 4 episodes arc in which their romantic confrontation was completed. By each confront’s conclusion, the universe would reset to the initial world for the next heroine’s romantic confrontation to begin. All memories of moments that happened during the 4-episode arc are also wiped.

(you can also read my review on that amazing show here)

But this time, it seems like we have fast-forwarded to around 10 or so years from the Amagami series and have a new protagonist.

Shouichi Kamita

Shouichi Kamita, a high school boy who can’t decide what he wants to do as a job in the future. That idea of being an adult just hit him and now he’s thinking hard about it. He then takes studying seriously and gets a better score on the finals than any other test he took. Some credit can be taken by his best buddy, Nanasaki Ikuo.

Ikuo Nanasaki

this man, this dude, this homie, is a person I want to talk about.

If you watched Amagami SS, you might remember one of the six girls being an athletic, calm girl that Junichi had a relationship with. That girl has the same last name as Ikuo.

Ai Nanasaki

that’s right playas, it’s his big sister, Ai. He was referenced a lot during Ai’s arc in Amagami, being a “prankster” according to MyAnimeList during childhood but now in Seiren, he’s much more mature. Ikuo even referenced Ai in the show:


It’s a very nice touch that 1) This show is definitely connected to Amagami and 2) we can potentially see characters from Amagami like Ai, Junichi, Kaoru, really any the main characters 10 or so years later. (and possibly who junichi really ended up with at the end of the show #pray4kaoru)

But you came here to see the main girl Mr. Kamita will be making out with at the end of this arc.

Hikari Tsuneki

Hikari Tsuneki, a school idol and very cheerful girl. You can relate her with Morishima Haruka from Amagami, who was also a school idol and cheerful.

Basically, she teases Kamita a lot such as being an adult manga artist after hearing he is interested in manga because Kamita was thinking dirty shit after Hikari sat on his desk.

The story is that Ikuo suggests that Kamita go with him to a study camp or something and participate in that. Kamita decides sure instead of going with Hikari and other girls to the beach, possibly getting closer with Hikari. Once he’s there and the first day of studying is done, someone crawls into Kamita’s dorm room. Who is it? They left us hanging until the next episode but it’s Hikari.

A lot more characters were introduced, I really do not want to describe them, you need to watch for yourself if you want to find out and really just fucking watch it, it was pretty good.

Minor details: 1) warning – this anime is not from the same studio who made Amagami SS. 2) warning 2 – this anime only includes 12 episodes for 3 girls, not 6, aight fellas, it’s a big L but that’s what we got. 3) the music was alright, it was not the same artist, azusa, as the Amagami SS openings which I looooved. 4) art is a biiiit different but they managed to pull it off.

i’m not going to review each episode cause that’s boring so when this show is done, you will see a full fledged review from me.

if you like romcoms, omnibus format anime like Amagami SS, then you should start watching this.


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