nintendo switch thoughts

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so i watched yesterday’s presentation on the new Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch.

and holy god there was some great information on this revolutionary gaming console.

I’ll give you the rundown on what they showed us:

  • Release date: March 3, 2017 (in the United States at least)
  • Price: $299 (not bad but it’s around the price of a PS4 or Xbox One, they are overall better and more powerful consoles so that might be a factor into not buying one of these switches)
  • Games: 
  • some significant games are LoZ: Breath of the Wild (good launch title for Nintendo, a beautiful looking game), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (continuing onto the Wii U version, holy fucking shit splatoon inklings and bowser jr. as racers), Splatoon 2 (more shit added into Splatoon basically), Super Mario Odyssey (Mario explores the world, including his hat that’s alive), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (never played that), Sonic Mania (reliving the old Sonic games basically) and finally, 1, 2, Switch (short little party games that can be played with just the joycons such as a cowboy duel and others)
  • Actual fucking sports games are added in like FIFA (never liked soccer) and NBA 2K17/18 (i can finally see NBA 2K not in low ass quality)

So that’s basically it, the presentation was very good and I am very hyped about the Nintendo Switch. I will definitely be picking this console up, maybe not at launch date but definitely in 2017. Maybe you’ll “switch” to this console that has a lot of potential.



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