KonoSuba – Anime Review

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have you ever played an MMORPG like World of Warcraft before? Neither have I.

Welcome to another anime review, today’s anime is Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! or in English, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, made by Studio Deen who also made Fate/Stay Night and Sakamoto desu ga?, shows I have not seen before unfortunately.

Basically the story goes that a teenage guy named Kazuma Satou who likes to play video games and stay in his dark room wants to go get the new MMORPG game that came out. Upon leaving to go to the game store, he rescues a girl who was about to get run over, unfortunately dying in the process.

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He then goes into some sort of limbo and meets a beautiful goddess named Aqua who gives him the options of going to heaven, or being reincarnated into a fantasy video game world with an medieval RPG setting, kinda like World of Warcraft. Side note, he found out by the goddess that he did not actually die like how he described it, he died a hilarious and dumb way, by shock. He even peed his pants how hilarious is that ahahahahaha. Getting annoyed by the goddess, he chooses to go into the fantasy world with another option to bring one weapon/item with him. Being clever, he chooses the goddess, something nobody, not even Aqua expected. And the only way she can come back to her regular life is for Kazuma to defeat the ultimate boss.

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During the hard days working and sleeping in horse stables, Kazuma and Aqua are fed up and try to find quests they can do to get closer to their goal of defeating the final boss… and get some money to live a better life.

They then get some new random members such as Darkness, a beautiful knight who is willing to protect and die for Kazuma. Her significance is that she is a masochist and would love to get ravaged by monsters or have an abusive husband. What a fucking weirdo lol.

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Lastly, Megumin, an arch wizard who looks like a chuunibyou and only knows one powerful move, an explosion which then takes every drop of energy from her and cannot move for the rest of the day.

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Throughout the show, this gang of characters go on random quests, trying to earn money but then usually don’t get the amount of money expected because of someone fucking up badly such as (i think and spoiler alert) them completing a quest worth millions of eries (their currency) but Aqua destroyed the entrance of the town they live in, costing them a few million eries and also getting them into debt.

It’s an entertaining show. Even if you never played an RPG like World of Warcraft or any of those medieval online role playing games, it will still be pretty funny to you. The idiocy of all the characters give you a nice laugh and some of the fight scenes are pretty cool. If you like comedy, fantasy and medieval RPG settings, here’s a nice one for you. Also, after you watch this, there is a second season airing right now (01/16/17) so more KonoSuba!!

(subs of this song are in Spanish so tu podria no entiendes las palabras jaja, yeah i fucking take spanish class i’m pretty bad at it but fuck you i did it jk jk)

MyAnimeList Page: https://myanimelist.net/anime/30831/Kono_Subarashii_Sekai_ni_Shukufuku_wo


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