Neon Genesis Evangelion – Anime Review

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(when I made this review, i was not done with watching this show. but later on when I finished it, it made a big ass turn and the story changed a lot so this review is certainly not complete. think of this as a spoiler-free review, meaning you should actually watch and finish this show :D)

yo and welcome to another anime review on the Alfredeo Blog. This anime I have not finished yet so don’t expect a full review on this. Today’s anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion, made by Gainex who also made Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, FLCL and Hanamaru Kindergarten. The last one is totally related to the others.

This story is set in the year 2015 and the world and humanity is on the verge of ending due to some sort of aliens, I think, called Angels. A company called NERV, run by Gendo Ikari, are the only people who can stop these Angels and save the world with their special mechs called Evangelions, robots that can be synchronized with the pilot. The only problem is that there are no pilots available for these robots.

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That’s where Shinji Ikari, a 14-year-old teenager, comes in. Nicknamed “The Third Child”, after his dad, Gendo, left him and his mom died, he usually runs away from his problems, doesn’t know how to handle sudden events, isn’t very confident and has an attitude problem. He then gets forced into the NERV system, sees his dad after a great amount of years or so and is needed to pilot one of the Evangelions to have a heavy weight on his shoulders, to save humanity. A 14-year-old has this kind of pressure. Wow.

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The captain of the Evangelions, Misato Katsuragi now becomes his guardian, gives him a place to live and helps Shinji gain confidence to pilot one of the Evangelions, Unit 01, and overall help him out to not be a coward.

The other pilots joining Shinji are Rei Ayanami. Nicknamed “The First Child”, a girl who goes to the same high school as Shinji and is usually not at all sociable. Her only real relationship with a person is with Shinji’s dad, Gendou, who saved her from almost dying after some sort of test failure with her Evangelion. She pilots the Evangelion, Unit 00.

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Lastly, “The Second Child”, Asuka Langley Souryuu, a girl who came from Germany to help NERV save the world and pilots Unit 02. She doesn’t like to take shit from anyone, especially Shinji, and thinks that from first meeting, her fellow pilots are pretty boring and dull. I find her pretty fucking annoying but I might warm up to her later on.

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As I said, I am not done with this show but so far, it’s pretty good. It has an interesting story, nice action scenes and the characters are pretty amusing. Some parts it was hard to watch such as Shinji failing to fight back while piloting the Evangelion but that just might be me (like damn dude, stop being so scared and beat the hell out of that monster)

If you like mech shows, action, sci-fi and drama, this is probably a great one for you. I mean, this show is the most talked about anime on the internet so yeah.

(I will try and limit the amount of anime reviews and actually give some advice or something else so please bare with me, arigato.)






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