Finals Stress

Hey all.

You might’ve noticed that there hasn’t been many videos lately on my channel and even the blog, the posts are not up every day anymore.

To be completely honest with you, I was just finishing Evangelion, a psychological and hella confusing anime, and that really took up my free time lol.

But it is true that finals/midterms in my school are next week and it will probably be the same as recently.

Finals are an important thing to me and probably many other students so I wouldn’t want to just throw this away.

But, in good news, I tested it out and it seems like I can now record console games finally. All I really needed was just a monitor with an HDMI port and that was pretty much it. The few problems I have with it is that 1) I am forced to have the video/audio delayed a lot which might confuse me, 2) the wire mess I have to deal with and 3) the quality of the game on OBS doesn’t look very good, not sure if it’s because of my computer or whatever but I will definitely look into improving the quality.

I will probably start recording on my Wii U on Thursday/Friday next week and have at least one video for you guys to see. I have tried recording with my capture card before but those attempts were not very good, so I am glad that I can take my channel a step forward by playing games on something other than a PC.




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