Seiren Episode 4 – Thoughts (spoilers)

(obviously spoilers if you haven’t seen this episode/arc in Seiren and possibly Amagami SS)


First arc in Seiren has been completed and I’ll just fucking say… it was a bit disappointing.

again, if you haven’t seen this episode, don’t read this until you have seen it.

First off, Hikari doesn’t want Shouichi telling everybody “oh shiiit hikari wore my clothes, bathed with me, made me food” and all that because one of Hikari’s friends might find out and gossip about it (i think that’s why). But then she finds out that that friend of hers set her up earlier at the study camp just to get closer to a mutual guy they know and possibly Hikari likes. Hikari then seems fine about that, those guys’ relationship ends up to go downhill anyway.

Then, Shouichi feels bad that Hikari couldn’t go to the beach with her friends because of that incident, so good guy Shouichi decides that they should go to the beach immediately to make up for that.

They start having fun, he grabs a ball, they play catch, he falls into the water, she falls into the water and then…

they finally kiss, the moment we’ve been waiting for.

but don’t get too happy yet.

After they do that nice thing, Hikari suddenly tells Shouichi that she’s going away for cooking school instead of going to college. She sees no point of dating for the rest of their high school journey so they actually do not start a relationship.

[what a fucking joke. I already experienced this in Amagami SS with the Rihoko arc, now you have to bring it back? even with the first freaking arc? do you guys want me to drop this show? (i’m just kidding ill watch the rest of this)

it just was really disappointing. Hikari and Shouchi seemed like a great pair with good chemistry but then they had to crush our dreams.]

5 years later, Shouchi finally decides his career, a chef, just like Hikari. He ends up working at the same restaurant that Hikari worked at during their high school years. The manager announces that he’s having a baby and that someone else will take his place. Wanna guess who it is?

Image result for hikari seiren

they get surprised, she becomes the head chef for now and… the end.

in conclusion, i hope the rest of this series and possibly the second season won’t be this disappointing, which I’m pretty sure it won’t cause if it was, many people would drop this show so yeah. I’m looking forward to the gamer arc and the childhood friend arc so hope you watch with me!


p.s. reminder who is the best girl

Image result for amagami ss kaoru gif



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