YouTube Struggle

Alright so after looking at my channel, I saw that the views aren’t kicking in pretty much overall. I’ve had this struggle on YouTube probably the whole time I’ve been posting on that website, at least I don’t do this as an actual job, you know.

But, I wanted to talk about getting views and becoming popular on YouTube. (even though I don’t really have the authority to talk about this lol)

Everyone making videos obviously want people to watch their videos and to subscribe to them. For my whole “career” on YouTube, it seemed to me that I and possibly many other smaller YouTubers strive to get the most views and subscribers.

What I mean by that is when I look at one of my video’s view count, I want that to go up, mainly not because I want people to see my content and be amazed by it, it’s because I want to feel good that I can get that many views on all my videos.

Now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t be thinking about that because that’s just not right and I know that there are content creators that want people to like I said, be amazed by the video that they made. I’ve been thinking like that ever since I started back in 2008 so quite a while.

But, I won’t deny that I have a little passion for making these sorts of videos. I do enjoy playing games and making jokes and trying to be funny for people to be entertained. I guess it’s just that I want more people to see what I’m trying to do, probably like many many many small YouTubers.

So anyways, the point to this post.

I’ve been struggling to get an audience that comments, likes, watches my videos and to be extremely honest, I don’t even know why. If you are going through the same thing I am, just keep going and don’t give up. There will be a chance for you to get up there and be successful. I won’t guarantee it but if I can get a million views on a 3 minute video of a Nickelodeon fighting game, I think you can get a good amount of people to watch you and create an audience for yourself that actually likes what you do.

By the way, those channels that you have to subscribe, like, favorite everything in exchange for a small chance to be shouted out to 100,000+ people could work, but do you think that’s guaranteed when probably 100+ small channels are doing the same thing you’re doing? That hard work and all that time just could go down the drain when you could be making more videos.

My suggestion, from my experience, is to¬†collaborate with other people. There are many different ways to do this such as signing up with a network to discover a lot of people that do the same thing you do, go on some gaming forum to create a YouTube team to make videos together or simply with just your friends, the people you’re pretty close with.

I’ve gotten a decent boost from doing the network one so you’re off to a good start with that.

That’s basically all I wanted to say and again, if you feel discouraged about not getting views and subscribers, don’t be. Just keep on posting videos you’re passionate about and possibly try my suggestion and you can get up there.


(this is a nice break from all the animes, isn’t it? lol)


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