YuruYuri – Anime Review

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hey, it’s a fun show.

“domo” and welcome to yet another anime review. This anime is quite interesting in many different ways so yeah, you might get weirded out.

This is YuruYuri, made by Doga Kobo who also made shows that I reviewed already, Himouto Umaru-chan and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

First off, some vocab, “yuri” is basically girls having romantic/sexual relationships with another girl. This show is on the romantic side of that, so, your welcome.

Now, you might be thinking, “al, what in the fuck is wrong with you, you are hella weird now, why do you watch these kinds of shows?”. Just read the rest of the review.

To sum it up in one sentence, this show is about a bunch of girls in middle school doing fun and random shenanigans in their preteen life with a pinch of romance between some of them.

Akari Akaza, a cheerful yet not noticeable girl, starts middle school and finally gets to see her older friends she didn’t see the year before. These two are Kyouko Toshino, a girl who doesn’t waste time to do fun things and hates being bored, and Yui Futami, a calm and reliable individual. She finds out that they created an unofficial club called the “Amusement Club” where they basically do nothing. Later on, a girl named Chinatsu Yoshikawa, joins, thinking it was the Tea Club and is obsessed with Yui and wants to do many… things with her, romantic-wise.

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More characters enter the story like the Student Council consisting of Ayano Suguira, the tsundere vice-pres and secretly has feeling for Kyouko but whenever asked about it, she always denies. Chitose Ikeda, Ayano’s friend who always fantasizes that Ayano and Kyouko would be lovers, ending in a nosebleed, one of the popular cliches in anime. And then we have the love/hate duo of Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro, they both get annoyed by each other but inside, they seem to have feelings for each other.

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What I just described is kinda the whole point of this show. The romance between the characters. Instead of me explaining it and possibly fucking it up, someone made a helpful chart on who likes who and all that.

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whoever made this, I thank you.

The major relationships are Ayano/Kyouko and Yui/Chinatsu because those come up the most.

So, what I have to say about this. If you just deal with the teenage lesbian aspect of the show, you will see that it’s an ordinary slice-of-life anime that’s pretty funny. Art is nice, characters are nice, story is pretty good, music is great so it’s not a bad show.

If you like slice-of-life, comedy, kawaii girls and mild “yuri”, it’s a good one.

(i couldn’t find a legit video of the YY opening, you’ll have to actually watch the show, but this funny ass cover of it is basically what it is. just imagine it not heavy metal sounding lol)

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/10495/Yuru_Yuri


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