Koitabi: True Tours Nanto – Anime Review

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how I found this show?


such a great anime.

Anyways, other than being obsessed with Amagami SS and Kaooooru, I watched this show and it’s actually pretty fucking good.

This anime is called Koitabi: True Tours Nanto, made by P.A. Works, who also created Angel Beats!, Another and Charlotte.

Basically, it’s six 7-minute long episodes and every two episodes shows us a different story about two people and how their relationship changes.

And apparently it’s set in a real life place in Japan called Nanto, a city most famous for their traditional Japanese arts and natural scenery. Seems like a nice place.

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With just two episodes a relationship and only seven minutes, this studio did a damn good job with the storytelling. I don’t know if it was budget problems or something but it contained fairly funny, emotional scenes, nice characters with great chemistry and satisfied me and many other people who watched this show.

Seeing my other reviews, you probably notice I like romance anime a lot. I believe this show isn’t as popular as it should be, in the romance genre. Sure, if it was like 12 episodes and the length was longer, it could be noticed more but I think this format fitted this series well. It’s just a damn shame not a lot of people have discovered this show.

(spoilers) If you watched this already and want to know who I liked the best and all that:

  1. The High Schooler One (Aoi/Haruki)

FANTASTIC. I liked this one the most just because it’s nice seeing first time lovers being nervous and stuff, they were just great together. The last part with him being brave to shout out “I love Aoi” and that, then her joining in, wow. Amazing. Also, whoever that other girl was, get her the fuck out.

  1. The Ski Lift Relationship (Takumi/Natsuko)

Nice nice. I mean I wouldn’t really try to pick up some girl with a vending machine but their story was very good and the ending was great with the flower he kept.

  1. The 5-Year Couple (Chiaki/Youji)

This one was good, don’t get me wrong. A lot more drama than the other two and after 5 years in a relationship, you really want to part ways? Wow.

If you enjoy romance anime in general, you need to watch this one.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/17635/Koitabi__True_Tours_Nanto



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