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Hello, and welcome to a new segment on the Alfredeo Blog called Currently Watching. Basically, I made reviews on shows that I was in the middle of watching them and calling them an actual review. Some shows had plot twists and stuff so that made my review not complete. So, in order to resolve that, I decided to make this segment to tell you about a show that I am currently watching and what I think about it, is it worth continuing and some predictions on what will happen later in the show. Just keep in mind, this is not an full-fledged review because my thoughts on shows will possibly change when I finish said show.

First show I will talk about is Usagi Drop, made by Production I.G. who also created FLCL, Ghost in the Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (the movie).

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So this show is about a regular guy living a regular life named Daikichi Kawachi who found out that his grandfather had passed away, making him go to his funeral to reunite with his family members. Upon arriving at the location of the funeral, he meets a small six-year-old girl hanging out at the front. Their eyes meet but then the girl then runs away somewhere.

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Daikchi then finds out that that girl (named Rin Kaga)… is actually an illegitimate child, meaning that the parents, which is by the way Daikichi’s GRANDFATHER and some other woman, weren’t actually married at the time of birth. There’s some legal shit behind it but that’s pretty much it.

But let’s talk about this grandpa, like daaaaaamn son I guess it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still get it on lol.

But anyways, the grandpa died and the woman is nowhere to be found so she’s basically doesn’t really have anyone anymore to take care of her. Daikichi’s family then discusses what will happen to Rin and where she’ll go now since nobody wants to take care of her.

Daikichi then surprisingly decides that he will take care of Rin and I thought that was pretty cool of him, he didn’t want her to go into some daycare or orphanage so props to him even though he looks kinda scary.

After the first episode, it shows how hard raising a child can actually be with the day care, the clothes, the supplies, the cooking and all that, and on top of that, he still has a job to make a living and he’s all alone with nobody to help him out.

So far, I like this show. It’s nice to see how much effort he actually puts into taking care of a child and some bits give you a chuckle or two. It’s very relaxing compared to other slice-of-life shows where it has some energetic characters, with this show, it’s very calm and everyone is pretty chillax. I also noticed that the children sometimes bring up the serious topics of divorce, death and not having a dad or mom so while I think it’s pretty gloomy, I mean they’re only like six years old, I also feel it’s a good thing to bring up because it shows that kids, little children, can be affected by these things such as feeling like they were the reason their parents divorced.

The art is pretty different from usual slice-of-life anime, I’m not sure how to describe it but it feels like possibly more tradition Japanese art style is being implemented. The music is good, BGM, the opening and especially the ending, that one is my favorite.

And for predictions, I feel like there will be at least SOME drama such as Daikichi not giving Rin what she wants and then a tantrum happens, I mean haven’t we all had tantrums as kids? Possibly some pretty blue moments with Rin asking Daikichi about her biological parents and why her actual mom isn’t in the picture and such so yeah. I also think that this show will show Rin grow older and not just her being a child since I think I saw something in the lines of that so I possibly spoiled myself, but, oh well.

If you want to watch a heartwarming anime with me, watch this.

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