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“it’s a fucking romance anime, of course imma like it” alfredo

Hey and welcome to another installment of Currently Watching, where I tell you about an anime I’ve been watching, sharing my thoughts on if it’s worth continuing and some predictions at the end.

What I’ve been watching recently is Kimi ni Todoke, or in English, Reaching You, and it’s made by Production I.G., who also created FLCL, Kuroko no Basket and one of the most heart-warming shows I’ve ever seen: Usagi Drop.

So basically, from what I’ve seen so far, is that a high school girl named Sawako Kuronuma is interpreted by all of her classmates as a scary, creepy long haired girl like the one from the movie, “The Ring”, yet in reality, she’s actually shy and nice. There were stories of when students sat next to her, they became sick for a long time or something else bad happening to them. Classmates even spread the rumor that if you stare into her eyes for longer than three seconds, you die or something along the lines of that. Maybe not that cruel but, I forgot. Overall, what horrible people.

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Every day, she sees a boy named Shouta Kazahaya, who is the complete opposite of Sawako, popular and willing to help anyone. Sawako aspires to become that cheerful, hopefully in the future.

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Later on, Shouta starts talking to Sawako a lot while errbody is extremely surprised that he hasn’t gotten bad luck from her. They start becoming friends and two other girls who at the beginning actually gossiped about her, join the friend circle.

So, I’m only three episodes in and it’s an interesting show. The story is promising, the characters are well developed, especially Sawako. But what separates this show from others is the much, much different art style. It’s not really something I’ve seen before but yeah. Most of the time, it looks like a normal anime but for example, whenever Sawako is shocked or has some sort of expression, they make the art even more different, for comedic effect. I really don’t know how to explain how it looks so just see for yourself.

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It’s funny looking and think that was the purpose, or it’s just the original artist’s style since this was adapted from a manga.

So, prediction time. Sawako and Shouta start to have feelings for each other and at the end they probably start dating or kiss or something. It’s as simple as that. There will be probably some drama and yeah. Not much else to say. I’m excited cause Sawako and Shouta are starting to develop some great chemistry between them.

Is it worth continuing? From where I am, yeah. It’s funny, it has romance elements, what else can I want in a great anime. Hopefully it doesn’t turn hella bad towards the end or else I’ll be very very sad. The 8.18 rating on MyAnimeList better be correct.

in conclusion… opening is fucking good tho

MyAnimeList Page


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