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(this might contain spoilers since i might rant about this show)

aight, so I finished this show and if you want to see my thoughts on this show while I was watching it, click here.

Today’s anime is a great romance story called Kimi ni Todoke, or in English, Reaching You, and it’s made by Production I.G., who also created FLCL, Kuroko no Basket and Usagi Drop, a great show if you just want to feel happy.

The story is that a high school girl named Sawako Kuronuma is misinterpreted heavily, with her classmates seeing her as a creepy girl like the long-haired girl from the movie, “The Ring”, thinks that she can see ghosts and even goes as far as to spread a rumor that if you stare into her eyes for longer than three seconds, something really bad happens to you, I forgot what it was but what horrible people these guys are.

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In reality, she gets misinterpreted because of the timidness she has and when she tries to smile, for example, it looks like an evil smile.

A guy named Shouta Kazehaya, is the complete opposite of Sawako. He’s popular, sociable and is willing to go out of their way to make a lonely classmate apart of the whole group. Because of his kindness, Sawako desires to become as great as him.

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Throughout the anime, a fuck ton of drama, happiness, small bits that make you chuckle, and a lil romance occur. Rumors, newly developed friendships, a rival and much more make the story interesting and makes you want to keep watching.

My thoughts on this show: I’m pretty sure this is a TV show in America, but have you seen those shows where an unpopular girl somehow develops a friendship with a popular guy, make unusual friends, have drama with a girl that likes the popular guy as well and in the end has romantic feelings for the guy? That’s Kimi ni Todoke.

While the concept of this show is that simple, it was still enjoyable. There were times that were funny and there were time where I wanted to fucking hurt someone. For example, a cocky ass girl who thinks she’s better than Sawako just puts her down because Sawako’s trying to disarm a rumor about her friends. I know those kinds of characters are in romance shows/movies/other types of entertainment but that shit just bothers me. If someone is like that in real life, just stop. And I guess if something in the show triggers you, the show is that good.

Characters were great. Prod I.G. did a great job developing Sawako’s character from a creepy, shy girl to a much more happy, friendly person who even develops romantic feelings for a guy who she thought would never get the chance to even talk to him in the first place. Kazehaya is basically my fucking homie, man. He is the ideal guy in a romance anything. Sawako’s friends, Chizuru Yoshida and Ayane Yano, are amazing friends with Sawako and always has each others’ backs.

Music, the opening, I really like. Ending, eh. BGM is put in scenes appropriately.

Art is much much different from any old KyoAni or A-1 Pictures show you’ve seen. I don’t know what the art style is called but it looks nice and I guess more Japanese traditional, I don’t fucking know art.

This anime includes a “chibi” art style for when, for example, Sawako is shocked or something, just to make it funny and stuff. Which I really liked since as I said, it was pretty funny seeing Sawako in that art style.

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That’s pretty much it folks, watch this show. It’s pretty freaking good. If you like a heart-warming story about two people having romantic feelings for the first time in their lives and how they express it, watch this. Or just watch it if you’re just bored.

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i’m also watching second season and will probably make a review on that!!!



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