Good Game Choice: What Never Was


I was scrolling through my pictures folder and found things from a project that was suppose to happen but never did.

Around the end of 2015, I was really close friends with people you might’ve seen in some of my earlier videos. Nico, or ASAPDOG; Chris, formally known as JoystickMafia but now Civilized Chris and Richard, or Westmac510. I suggested to them that we should make one channel where all of us collaborate, play games and just have a great time. It was called Good Game Choice. nice name huh

We planned, we made up a name, we got commissioned someone to draw us in a Mario art style, we started the channel and we even set up a Twitter account for it.

Well, it wasn’t fully started.

The channel was suppose to go into full blast in the Summer of 2016, and I was pretty anxious to actually start a channel with other people. I’ve seen those occur such as The Creatures and the Yogscast.

July 2016 comes along. It ended up not happening. They were, I guess, pretty busy to record and such. I feel like we didn’t plan enough for this channel and we didn’t schedule when everyone will be available and yeah. That’s how it is.

Now, I’m not as close to those guys from before but we still talk to each other sometimes

The channel still exists, you can go check it out here. We posted the first episode of our podcast with just Chris and I, talking about the latest gaming news.

While I don’t exactly know if GGC will be revived, just think of this as a bit of a lesson. Plan ahead and schedule. It’s very important to do that.

Hope you enjoyed a little Alfredeo history and yeeeeah.




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