Love Live! School Idol Project (Season 1) – Anime Review

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“god i love the songs in this show” -alfredo

Today’s animu is called Love Live! School Idol Project, made by Sunrise, who made every fucking popular robot show, specifically called Gundam shows, and other works.

First off, you might not know what an idol is. Hopefully I’ll make it clear to you in a brief way.

You know Fifth Harmony? The group of women who made the popular songs, “Work from Home” and “Worth It”? They are basically the American version of idols. A group of girls (or guys they have those too) who sing and dance and yeah. People, kids, adults like em. Except in Japan, idols are more colorful, frilly and more aimed towards kids/teenagers than American girl/boy bands which mainly is for teenagers and young adults.

So the story goes that Otonokizaka High School is determined to shut down after a rate drop of the recruitment of students. Everyone at the school is saddened but they can’t really do much to save the school. Honoka Kousaka, is different though. She is willing to save the school at any costs just because she wants more people to see how great of a school it is. In doing so, she’s joined by her two great friends Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami.

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In order to do so, she decides to create an school idol group called µ’s (pronounced “muse”) after seeing how successful another school’s idol group is. Many people including the student council president believes that her idea will ultimately fail.

I don’t want to give too much info cause spoilers but basically, many people join the group to save the school from shutting down and this show is their journey and struggles on writing songs, making costumes and practicing dance to make performances attract middle school students to attend Otonokizaka High.

I’ll describe the characters briefly.

Other than the trio from above, some underclassmen join:

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From left to right: Rin Hoshizora, a postive and hard-working girl; Maki Nishikino; kind of tsundere, AMAZING voice, plays piano, family’s rich; and Hanayo Koizumi, timid, quiet girl but goes full fangirl when it comes to idols.

Finally, upperclassmen join as well.

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From left to right: Nozomi Toujou, helps out µ’s members a lot, student council vice-pres, has an interesting way of punishing people; Nico Yazawa, avid fan of all things idols, has two personalities and her catchphrase is “Nico-nico Nii”; Eri Ayase, student council president, formerly a ballet dancer, role model to students in Otonokizaki High

Story is good, but the main attraction of Love Live is obviously the music. Songs are very very good and here are some of my favorites:

The first song by Maki, was so fucking good, I made a funny skit on it. It was supposed to be on YouTube but the Love Live people caught me and put a copyright claim on it. So, if you want to see it, go to my twitter here.

In conclusion, if you want to watch a show with music, drama and fun, HERE YA GO.

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