Seiren Episode 8 – Thoughts (spoilers)

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So another four weeks go by, that also means that the romance anime, Seiren, finishes an arc/relationship in the show. This time, it was Tooru Miyamae, a girl who enjoys playing video games competitively and casually.

if you want to see my thoughts on Hikari arc in this show, click here.

also, this will contain spoilers. From Seiren and possibly Amagami SS since i apparently can’t stop talking about that show lol

So the last episode was about Shouichi, Tooru and their friends going to “Comiket”, a famous market where comics, video games, original content is sold. I guess the equivalent to this would be like Comic-con in the US.

Tooru, Shouichi and friends set up shop to sell a bunch of these deer toys from a video game that Tooru, Shouichi, Nanasaki and the other guy play, which is like a deer survival game where you have to raise deer and eventually mate with other deer to get more deer. Yeah.

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And on top of that, Tooru is in cosplay, in a costume she is very uncomfortable in.

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So, there was this one scene where Shouichi helped Tooru get out of the crowd of photographers, to stop taking photos of her. They go to a secluded place and then Tooru needs to go to the restroom. Problem is, she can’t seem to find the zipper to take off the cosplay. She then asks Shouichi to help her. And…

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It was fucking weird, uncomfortable and I really didn’t see the point in this scene. I guess it shows how much of a perv Shouichi is like how Junichi in Amagami SS was also pervy. I guess that’s a reoccurring theme.

After the convention, they go eat at the restaurant Hikari works at and then she becomes embarrassed that people from her school are eating there.

Then after that, here comes the finale.

Tooru runs off after a comment was made about her cosplay, then Shouichi runs after her. They both end up in an area where coincidentally a bunch of couples are being romantic and kissing and shit. Shouichi then finally confesses to her. She seems hesitant at first but after she kissed Shouichi’s ADAM’S APPLE, yes that part, and she even compares it to video games when she said something on the lines of “i can’t help but attack a weak point that’s so open” referring to the past episodes where they were playing an action game with strategy and yeah.

[That in fact is a reoccurring theme in the Amagami/Seiren universe. First it was Junichi kissing Haruka in the back of the knee. Then he kissed Kaoru around the belly button area. I forgot if the freakshow kissed anyone else in any other places but now in Seiren, we see another weird kiss, this time on the Adam’s apple. How romantic.]

A nice touch was when Tooru reminded how Shouichi is the only person who ran after her all the time. When Tooru when to the bathroom, after Hikari said those things about her, when she ran off at Comiket, Shouichi was always there to go after her. That’s nice. I like that.

Later on, Shouichi hangs out with Nanasaki and the other guy I keep forgetting his name at the rabbit stables until Tooru comes over. She flat out says, “our baby was born” or something on the lines of that. All the guys are shocked as hell, but she really meant a deer that they produced was born in the game I was talking about earlier.

10 years later, Tooru is now a kindergarten teacher. All the kids arrive to school but one kid is missing. Out comes the man Shouichi carrying the last kid who was sleeping. Who is their child. Seems like a happy ending.

Alright so, I believe it was an okay arc I guess. If Hikari’s arc didn’t end on a bad note, Tooru’s arc would be last on my list. But, she had okay development and the chemistry between her and Shouichi increased little by little until they kissed.




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