Seiren: Beginning of the Kyouko Arc – Thoughts

HIYA and welcome to my thoughts on this week’s episode of the currently airing romance anime, Seiren, made by AXsiZ.

How this anime is shown, you’ll have to Google it or something cause it’s a bit hard to explain for me.

This post is really just for people who have watched all the episodes of this anime up til this episode AND the show it was based on Amagami SS, so just warning you now, spoilers will be present.

So. A lot of shit just went down in this episode.

First up, we see two children playing at a park area, one dressed up in some magical girl costume, while the other one being amazed by it.

[It was really not necessary for some “camera shots” (if you want to know, it’ll be better if you watch it for yourself) that they showed, but it connected with a scene later in the episode]

Then they notice some people looking at the costumed child, and one specific man comes up in the fucking background.


i’ll give you one little piece of evidence. this is a picture from Amagami where Junichi is wearing a very similar coat as the person in Seiren is wearing. While it’s not buttoned up and doesn’t seem like it’s the same color, it’s pretty fucking similar. Plus, the hair, coooome on.

Image result for amagami ss junichi coat

With that AMAZING cameo out of the way, we fast forward to present day where Shouichi is in class and it seems like this is after he and Hikari went to the cram school in episodes 1-4 because she and her friends talk about the party Hikari missed and all that.

A girl comes to Shouichi’s classroom, named Kyouko Touno, Shouichi’s long time childhood friend. Kyouko then shows him a manga that was on hiatus for a long time, but then he realizes he’s too old for that kind of stuff and tells Kyouko that she’s still childish even though she’s in high school now.

Image result for seiren kyouko

later on, kyouko then thinks if she should cut the childish crap like owning magical girl manga and her appearance

then, after trying to donate the manga she had, she encounters two familiar people.


YALL REMEMBER THEM? if you watched amagami ss, you will know these two people as Rihoko’s seniors in the Tea Club she was in. These two were always trying for Junichi and Rihoko to get together and start dating.

Obviously, they aren’t the actual characters from Amagami. They just happen to look like them and are actually voiced by the same people from the original series. But instead of being in a club based around tea, they are now in the Home-Economics club.

After seducing Kyouko to at least check out their club, they force her to wear a kimono and be apart of a ceremony of some sort.

and ya know what?

look familiar? hehe

remember the beginning scene I mentioned earlier?

The person in the magical girl costume was… Shouichi. YEEEEEEEP.

Apparently, back a few Christmas Eves ago, Kyouko’s mom had work on that day which made Kyouko extremely sad and ended up hanging out at Shouichi’s place. In order for her to cheer up, Shouichi decided to cross dress as a girl to make her laugh and take her out to different places nearby. He went all fucking out, man, to the hair, down to the… underwear, but anyways…

In the end, he did a nice thing for her.

Then, Kyouko finally decides she wants to join the Home Ec club.

End of first episode.

In conclusion, this episode had everything. Good ass references and cameos from Amagami characters, a childhood friend, disturbing cross dressing and dango (dumplings).

This is indeed, the last arc/girl for this season of Seiren. While we don’t exactly know if this series will continue with the next three girls and their relationship stories with Shouichi, let’s just live this moment and watch a (hopefully) great and entertaining arc.

Image result for seiren gif kyouko

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