“÷” by Ed Sheeran – Music Review

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wow right? now music? this is amazing!

Hey and I wanted to post something and I didn’t watch any anime recently, but, I have been listening to some music. So that’s something worth talking about.

The album I’ll be reviewing is Ed Sheeran’s recently released album, Divide.

So, I never really got into Ed Sheeran other than hearing his songs that were on the top 10 charts like “Thinking out Loud” and “Don’t”, which are really good songs, btw.

Image result for ed sheeran

But, after hearing “Shape of You”, one of the popular songs on this album, I wanted to hear more of his nice ass music.

So, I got it and listened for the past two days.

It’s really good.

Now, I am a big fan of Jason Mraz, he’s my favorite artist ever. If you don’t know who Mr. AZ is, you probably know him if you ever listened to the song, “I’m Yours”.

Jason’s songs sound good, have a pretty good story to tell and yeah, overall sounds really good. He has his own style of music, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s different from a lot of other music.

Now, Ed Sheeran. WOOOOOOW. Sheeran’s music is very similar to Jason’s music, which I extremely like. If you listen to Jason Mraz, we’re talking “Waiting for My Rocket to Come” and “Mr. AZ” Jason Mraz. A little bit of “Yes!” but mostly the OG Jason Mraz.

If you don’t listen to JMraz, as I said, Ed Sheeran is like Jason with the good storytelling and great sounding songs.

So, Ed Sheeran, you’ve gained my respect for you. You are a great artist. If you want some good music to listen to, you should take a peek at Ed Sheeran’s nice album.

Here are some of my favorite songs from it:


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