Love Live! School Idol Project – Anime Review

so i just finished second season and what a fucking ride it has been.

When I first found out about this show, Love Live! School Idol Project, made by Sunrise, I just knew it was very popular. I didn’t really check if this show was any good but after hearing their most popular song, “Snow Halation“, I was now curious.

I have watched another idol show called The IDOLM@STER, which if you do not know really what an “idol” is, I’ll explain it pretty briefly. This is a concept where in Japan, girls in the preteen to young adult age range essentially sing and dance, be cute and overall, be role models for young girls. Other idols also model, become actresses and other various occupations, based around entertainment.

So, I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into before starting to watch this show.

The story goes that a high school called Otonokizaka High, is on the verge of closing down due to the rate of the number of enrolling students declining. Even though many people are shocked and unhappy about it, they really can’t do anything to stop it. But, one student, Honoka Kousaka, seems to disagree. She loves that school very much and believes that many more people should experience the life and greatness of Otonokizaka.

While finding a solution to help the school from shutting down, Honoka stumbles upon another high school who has a popular idol group called A-RISE. An idea sparks in Honoka’s head and decides to make an idol group in her own school to hopefully attract middle school students and save Otonokizaka, with the help of her two close friends, Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami.

While they essentially had every thing they needed, with Umi writing the songs, Kotori creating costumes and a first-year tsundere student Honoka met who helped compose music for their first song Maki Nishikino, obstacles still were in their way. Some of them are when the student council president, Eri Ayase, declining their request that they become an official club and thinking that what these three students are doing is foolish and not the best idea for helping the school not shut down; finding other students who are willing to join their group; struggles with coming up with a group name; and especially, fans and people willing to watch their concert. After jumping over the hurdles, they would successfully debut in their first performance as the group called, µ’s (pronounced “muse”).

Even though very few people watched their first concert, those students would later join the group.

For example, first-year students Hanayo Koizumi, a shy idol enthusiast, and her energetic friend, Rin Hoshizora join after Hanayo had the idea of joining an idol group due to her love of idols, but didn’t think she could be one. Maki would later join as well, while the president of the idol research club and extreme idol enthusiast, Nico Yazawa, who didn’t believe that µ’s would succeed at all and wanted them to break up (also the girl who has the catchphrase “Nico-nico nii!”), was finally cooperative and decided that the idol research club and µ’s would collide.

Then, a surprising change of thought goes through the student council president, Eri, after Honoka and gang find out that Eri was actually a fantastic ballet dancer as a child and they wanted her to be a coach for them to improve their dancing skill. Eri and vice-president Nozomi Toujou then join µ’s to make the group have three first-years, second-years and third-years, making them nine in total.

In the first season, their ultimate goal was to save their school from shutting down while Love Live!, a competition for school idol groups (basically America’s Best Dance Crew or a show of that same concept lol) was also on their minds. While in the second season, their goal this time, was to qualify for Love Live, defeat one of the most popular school idol group, A-RISE and win the whole competition.

Throughout the show, it shows the struggles of being in a idol group, hard time attracting people to join, difficult training camps, search for popularity, having a rivalry and the great chemistry between every member. It’s a pretty decent story that is interesting and nice to watch.

But, story is not really the main attraction of this show. It’s obviously the music. This show has some very, very good songs, I mean I even got chills when hearing some. Their voices are extremely nice, especially Maki, Umi and Eri. While I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics because 1) it’s in Japanese and 2) when it comes to anime songs, I don’t really care, but hearing how they sing just attracts people and it simply sounds beautiful. Not only µ’s, but A-RISE, their rivals, really had nice songs as well.

I’ll comment on the art since this is in the formula of reviewing anime on MyAnimeList, it’s not anything special, at least to me. It’s a little different from other shows but, it’s pretty default. The backgrounds and the stages, for example, are well decorated and really pop out, though.

I’ll count this as the art but what I didn’t really like was the dancing animation. If you remember from my One Punch Man post earlier, I said I fucking hate 3D action/dancing/etc scenes in anime. It’s just doesn’t look good. When doing any scenes that have a lot of moving around, 2D is much better looking. While in Love Live it wasn’t that bad, it still wasn’t good. It didn’t look very smooth, that’s really the only flaw.

So, did I enjoy this show? Definitely. The story, the characters who had their different personalities, the amazing songs and the emotional ride, the fact that I almost cried at their final performance before the third-years graduated, should give you a nice hint that this show was very good.

Before I end it, I’ll give you a few of my favorite songs from LL:

In conclusion, I am looking forward to watching the movie (tears will probably be shed) and the spin-off/alternate setting show, Love Live! Sunshine, which will be interesting seeing another idol group story, definitely. Also, if you enjoy any of the genres of slice-of-life, music, school-based and comedy, I highly suggest you watch this show. 🙂

MAL Season 1

MAL Season 2

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Bonus video, a funny skit by ProZD on singing only the english parts in an anime song that includes Snow Halation lol:



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