update 3/15/17

okay so, i just wanted to give you a bit of an update on what i’ll be doing on my channels in a few days, just to inform you.

For the Alfredeo channel: I plan to post a video playing Rhythm Heaven Fever, for the Wii, which will be very entertaining seeing me fail and probably swear, because that game is actually pretty difficult even though it looks easy

For the alfredopasta channel: skits will be coming very soon, i just have to actually think about how to make my ideas funnier for you guys. also, i might need someone to film for me, so friday, there might be a skit.

ALSO, once the Winter 2017 anime season starts to finish, I will be making a second channel video on my thoughts on shows I’ve watched this season because I have some nice comments on some of them. That’s why I haven’t reviewed any Winter shows on the blog.

For the blog: just posted a pretty thorough review on the anime Love Live! and many more reviews and Currently Watching posts will be coming.

that’s basically it, hopefully more videos will be coming very soon




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