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Hello and welcome back to Currently Watching, a segment I do on the Alfredeo Blog where I talk about an anime that I am in the middle of watching at this moment. I usually point out the story so far, predictions that I’ll make and if it’s worth continuing.

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So the moment I finished Love Live! The School Idol Movie, which you can see my review here, I decided to jump right into Love Live! Sunshine!!, essentially the same show as LL: School Idol Project, but with another group and their story on becoming school idols.

According to this redditor’s analysis of the series, story takes place 4-5 years after Love Live! School Idol Project (the one with µ’s).

Chika Takami is a regular high school girl from a town near the sea and who recently found out about school idols and µ’s, and is now obsessed with them. She wishes to be like Honoka and the gang, sing, dance and shine brightly on stage. Because of her newfound love, she is determined to make a school idol club at the school she goes to, Uranohoshi Girl’s High School.

When it came to starting the group, Chika and her close friend You Watanabe pretty much had the same experience Honoka did in LL:SIP. She had trouble getting people to join, didn’t have music composing experience and even the obstacle of the student council president, Dia Kurosawa, not approving Chika’s request of becoming an actual club, just because she hates school idols.

But, Chika did not give up. She later found a girl, Riko Sakurauchi who was not from her school and discovered that she could play the piano. (Also, she goes to Otonokizaka High!!!) Chika just cut to the chase and wanted her to compose a song for the idol group and maybe Riko could even join. But, a lack of inspiration to play the piano was in Riko’s way of joining the group.

After Riko transfers to Uranohoshi High and Chika and You help Riko hear the sound of the sea, Riko then gets inspired to play the piano again and then, joins Chika’s idol group.

A miracle then happens.

Mari Ohana, a third year student who becomes the director of Uranohoshi, yes, that high of a position, helps Chika and her friends become a school idol group, no matter what the student council president says. But on one condition. For their first concert, they must have a full house in the gym or else the group disbands.

Chika, You and Riko work hard to promote their concert, write lyrics for their first song, compose the music and everything to get ready for their concert. Only problem is that they don’t have a name yet.

After the group makes up names like “Three Mermaids” and “School Uniform Girls’ Squad”, they stumble upon a name they didn’t write on the beach, Aqours (i think it’s pronounced “aqua”) so they just pick that name in the end.

The day of the concert comes. This is their only chance to continue being school idols. It’s now or never. They get on stage, the curtains go up and…

The crowd was not full. Despite that, Aqours still performs an actually pretty good song. I would almost say it’s as good at START:DASH!!, the song Honoka, Kotori and Umi performed when it was just the three of them.

It gets worse though. Due to the heavy rain, the power goes out on the concert. The group tries to keep on going but Chika thinks that their opportunity of showing the world that she can create a great school idol group is now lost.

But, ANOTHER miracle happens when other students help get the power back on, plus many more people arrive to the concert just because the flyer that they gave out had the wrong start time.

After the successful concert, Aqours finally becomes a school idol club.

Later on, they try to recruit these two first-years, Hanamaru Kunikida, a quiet girl who loves to read, and her best friend, Ruby Kurosawa, an timid idol fanatic and the student council president’s sister.

So far, that’s all I’ve seen. I missed a few people who would probably later join Aqours but they had pretty small parts so far.

Alright, what I think of this. It’s pretty darn good so far. I expected µ’s to be referenced at least once in this series, but that group is actually a pretty big part of this story. Chika listens to their music, has posters of them on her wall, and when they start becoming an actual idol group, she pretty much does everything that µ’s did such as training, having the mentality of Honoka and references how µ’s struggled as well so it’s not anything new. I would’ve thought that µ’s would barely be mentioned just because they possibly want a completely new group that has nothing to do with the previous series but, it’s a nice touch that µ’s is still with us.

Other than that, the story is pretty much the same as SIP, so far. Also, from what I’ve seen so far I can connect most of the characters to a person from µ’s, looking at their personality and a little bit of their appearance.

Music is what you expect. Sounds great and Aqours has potential.

A great improvement from SIP is definitely the animation. It looks much more beautiful and crisp in Sunshine. It has pretty much the same art style as SIP but animation-wise, it got better. On the other hand, the 3D CG dance scenes are better, I guess, but it still kinda looks rough.

For this show, I predict that Aqours will succeed and be on the level of µ’s and A-RISE. Speaking of A-RISE, they will probably have a rival group of their own so yeah. Drama will occur. But, what I really want to see is someone from µ’s, Honoka, Umi, Maki, Nico, anyone to at least appear and possibly notice Aqours and their potential. If that happens, my god I will be happy.

So, is this show worth continuing? So far, I’ll keep on going. Since I really liked Love Live! School Idol Project a lot, I’ll watch this one, to see how different they’ll act and handle being in an idol group and just to listen to some nice music. While I miss µ’s and their story, hopefully this one will be as good.

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