Love Live! The School Idol Movie – Anime/Movie Review

“µ’s: Making dreams come true together”

**I just want to warn you right now that there will be some mild spoilers from the movie and obviously spoilers from the main show, both seasons of Love Live! School Idol Project, so if you have not at least watched the show, I highly suggest you to not read this review and go watch this great series first. **

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So, I finished the movie, and man. What a joy ride this has been.

I know I’m late on the Love Live discussions since this is a show that was aired back in 2013 but this is a show worth talking about, no matter how old it is.

Let’s just cut to the chase and talk about this film.

The movie continues after the third-years (EriNico and Nozomi) graduated from Otonokizaka High, after the second season. Pretty much a few hours or so after the graduation, the chairwoman of the school, or best known as Kotori‘s mother, announces to µ’s that they were invited to New York City to spread the word about school idols to other countries and cities around the world.

They then travel to New York City, and pretty much act like foreigners in a new country. They go sightseeing, experience the American life and all that.

While in New York, many incidents happen such as separation from the group (which makes Umi furious and paranoid about traveling), speaking to Americans in a language they barely know and yeah.

Also, Honoka meets a mysterious musician/singer who helps her get back to her hotel after she separates from the group but then disappears suddenly, with Honoka missing to thank her. She would later help Honoka out on an important decision.

To be honest, there’s really not much to talk about about their trip to New York. They perform a great song in Time Square and head back home.

All that I’ll say is that it reminded me of the K-ON! Movie when HTT traveled to England and basically had the same problems and incidents as µ’s.

The gang heads back home to Japan only to find out that they became much more popular and famous than they expected due to their victory at Love Live and the recent performance in the States. The group got nervous and didn’t know what to do since they never experienced this kind of fame in their life, and it kind of just hit them in the face so fast they never really stopped to think about being popular.

But, having that massive amount of attention had a consequence. Back in the second season, µ’s decided that they would split up and no longer be a group after the third-years graduate. However, because of the popularity they gained, there was no way they could just end µ’s and disappoint everyone, since everyone wants to hear a new song and see them at the next Love Live competition. Also, the Love Live! commitee wants µ’s to keep going to help the competition occur at Akiba Dome, one of Japan’s biggest stages, as well as to keep Otonokizaka High well-known. This extremely difficult decision of either continuing µ’s and accomplishing everyone’s wish even though they aren’t µ’s when all nine of them aren’t together; or to just disband because they already decided and have all their fans in displeasure, is all on Honoka’s shoulders.

After a lot of thinking and listening to other people such as A-RISE and the singer woman from America Honoka met, she came to a decision.

µ’s would definitely disband, but end it all with a bang. She wanted to gather all the school idols in the country of Japan and have one huge concert to spread the word about school idols and how great they are. µ’s, A-RISE and 20+ school idol groups team up to sing a song as one, in the popular district in Tokyo, Japan and A-RISE’s territory, Akihabara. Performance goes extremely well, then everyone takes a group photo.

At this point, I was thinking to myself, “this can’t be the end, right?”. Well, I was correct. µ’s would perform for the final time at the Akiba Dome with a great, great song.

Finally, we see Honoka and Eri’s sisters, Yukiho and Arisa, start their school idol careers and even mention about µ’s and their important part in saving the high school that could’ve been shut down, when in the former idol research club room.

Alright, to my actual review.

First up, the story. Pretty good. The conflict of the ultimate decision had me extremely interested in what will happen. I didn’t really expect the concert with all the school idol groups to even happen, so it’s good that they surprised me. Other than that, the New York part was really just to introduce the conflict. Also, I was expecting to cry at this movie since this is the end, but they didn’t really have a sad scene or make the last performance seem sad. Which, I applaud to them that they kept it happy and uplifting.

Music, oh man, the music. Honest to God, there was no song that I didn’t like. All of them sounded great, just like in the usual µ’s fashion. A nice thing that they did was give a song for all the trios (first, second and third-years) to perform. My favorite ones were probably the first-years’ trio song, because Rin’s voice amazed me; the third-year trio’s song, it kept you on your toes; and the last song, it just ended the series appropriately. Yeah, that’s all, µ’s is good at singing.

Art, same thing. There might’ve been some improvements that I didn’t see, but I didn’t see them.

Really, in conclusion, it was a good end to this group’s story. Good story, good songs, good  art. Even though the end performance wasn’t really big and exciting, at least everything ended in µ’s fashion with a good song.

I am genuinely going to miss this show, this great group, these amazing characters, the beautiful songs and everything about this show. I really didn’t want this to end, but as they say, “all good things must come to an end”

Now onto Love Live! Sunshine…

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