Be Nice

Alright, so this post could have a topic that is sensitive to you, so just warning you now.

In recent light of an incident that happened to my school about a couple of students posting very racist pictures on the internet about other students that were African-American, I just felt that I wanted to talk about this a little.

What these people did was obviously wrong. It was hurtful and possibly made those students or even other students of the same race as them now feel unsafe at school.

Now, the city where my school is located, we’re pretty diverse and these incidents RARELY happen. But, these things happen and this one was pretty major.

Some people I’ve talked to say that they were joking around and wasn’t serious. Well, the problem with that is many, many people will not take that kind of behavior as a joke. The school administration won’t, the students won’t, the parents of the victims won’t. This is a pretty serious thing that even the police are involved in it. If this was a joke, you could say that it went way, way far.

So, my rambling might not make sense but just remember this: don’t do this kind of shit, be nice, make wise choices and have fun in a positive way.



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