Quick Anime Review: Seiren

Alright, so, the anime Seiren just ended its first season.

If you want to know my thoughts about the last episode, ending was pretty damn good for the arc that I really liked.

But, my thoughts on the show as a whole, it’s much different.

A little backstory, Seiren is a show that is basically a spin-off of another anime that aired back in 2009 called Amagami SS. The whole shtick of that show is that there were many stories/arcs about one guy named Junichi and six different girls in his school that he began romantic relationships with. For clarification, all six relationships did not happen at the same time, each relationship/arc was four episodes in length and after four episodes, a alternative setting is shown for the next girl/relationship. This is usually called the omnibus format in the romance genre.

So, Seiren did the exact same thing as Amagami. Sticked with the omnibus format and even the same setting of Amagami.

But, this show really did not live up to the expectations that myself and others wanted.

When I heard about this show being a spin-off of Amagami, I just finished Amagami SS Plus, the second season, so I was pretty hyped up about it.

I was excited to see a show like the original and see all the references to it in the new one.

Problem was that it wasn’t really enjoyable. I feel like the main character, Shouichi, was pretty fucking boring and most of the time the story was pretty rushed. I know that this show could be an experiment for the studio to see if people would want to see more, but honestly, it’s not that good.

A dumb analogy I would make about this show is, imagine that Amagami SS was one of the best athletes in the world, and then they had a child, Seiren. People pretty much automatically think that the best athlete in the world’s kid would be great as well. But, in the end, they weren’t and didn’t live up the expectations of many people. I just was thinking about that, but now that I finally type it, it’s pretty stupid lol.

Or I can say that this show proves that sequels/spin-offs are worse that the original.

So, ending thoughts. I gave it a 7 on my list on MyAnimeList, because while it wasn’t that good, there were parts of that story that were great, plus it’s related to Amagami, one of my favorite romance anime ever and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t get a second season to complete all six relationships. People gave it a bad rating so, that’s how the industry is. It would be nice to just see what kind of chemistry Shouichi has with other girls and just to see how it ends, but, I highly doubt it now.

Also, my review on Love Live Sunshine will be coming out soon…

MyAnimeList Pagehere

Review on Amagami SShere


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