Major S1 – One Episode In and I Love It

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Today’s show is Major S1, made by Studio Hibari and adapted from the manga of the same name.

First off, I would like to thank Arria from the blog Fujinsei, for recommending this anime when I read a post by her about sports anime. If you want to read the post yourself, please do here! Give her a follow while you’re at it!

A little fun fact about me: I love baseball. Ever since my home team, the San Francisco Giants won their first World Series ever since they moved here from New York in the 50s/60s, I’ve been following them for the past few years. At first, I thought baseball was extremely boring because of the slow pace of the game. That’s why I was influenced by my father to like basketball. Basketball is a very fast and flashy sport and I even dreamt about playing in the NBA when I was a kid. But, when I grew older, I got more interested in baseball. I read up about the rules, different kinds of play, the positions, understood what the commentators were screaming when watching a game on TV and much more. With that amount of knowledge gained, I realized that baseball is actually a really cool sport.

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Major is about a five-year-old kid named Goro Honda, who is passionate about the game of baseball and wants to be like his 33-year-old father, Shigeharu, who pitches in the minor league and even once started for a major league team. Like any little kid who loves baseball, he acts out different scenarios and imagining that he is in a clutch situation such as him pitching in the bottom of the ninth, 3-2 count with two outs.

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Goro’s teacher and love interest of Shigeharu, Miss Hoshino, also partakes in Goro’s fun little scenarios, with her even accidentally smashing a window after hitting Goro’s pitch.

Image result for major s1 hoshino

But, tragedy hit all three of these characters right from the get-go. After battling a hip injury, Shigeharu injures himself again, but this time it’s his elbow. This forces Shigeharu to retire and give up baseball, one of his two favorite things, with the other as his deceased wife and Goro’s mother.

Image result for major s1 shigeharu

After Shigeharu tells Goro the harsh truth, this makes Goro extremely disappointed and throws away everything about baseball in his life. He’s so devastated that he even secretly got out of school, troubling Miss Hoshino, and went to his father’s baseball organization and begged and pleaded to the front office to let his pops keep playing the sport they both love.

Now Shigeharu thinks hard about his future. Either he can just take this loss and disappoint his own son, or he can try anything to succeed further in the game of baseball.

Now, what that was was only the first episode. My thoughts on this show so far:

I really like it. The story is pretty interesting even though I’ve seen the same kind of concept before in American television or movies but, I don’t know, this particular show really makes it good. The conflict was set in stone very quickly but very good at the same time. With Shigeharu’s friend suggesting another way he can still play baseball, it’s exciting to see what Shigeharu will do to make Goro’s dream of playing baseball with his own dad possible.

Not much else to say yet. Prediction-wise, there’s like 7 seasons of this show so the only prediction I can give is that Goro will become a great baseball player and have a chance to play in the MLB. Honestly, I should of watched more episodes before making this CW, but the first episode intrigued me so much that I had to talk about it. Maybe look out for a future review?

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One thought on “Major S1 – One Episode In and I Love It

  1. Yay! First of all, big thanks for the shout-out. I’m glad that my post inspired you to watch Major. It’s probably one of my favourite, if not my most favourite sports anime. So epic. I love this anime. Glad that you’re enjoying it.

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