Quick Anime Review: GochiUsa

Ohayo and while I wait for the Spring 2017 anime to HOP into our hands, welcome to a quick anime review of the show, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? or in English, Is the Order a Rabbit?, made by White Fox.

So, this show is about Kokoa Hoto, a very energetic girl who immediately becomes friends with someone she meets. After moving away from her home to another town to attend another high school, Kokoa moves in with a local family that runs a cafe called the Rabbit House, maintained by the family’s daughter, Chino Kafuu who is usually seen with a rabbit named Tippy on top of her head.

Image result for chino and kokoa gif

Kokoa immediately sees herself as a big sister to Chino so she tries extremely hard to be a great big sister to her. Kokoa ends up working at Rabbit House with another co-worker, Rize Tedeza, a military buff who carries a gun with her at all times.

Image result for gochiusa rize gif

At Kokoa’s high school, she befriends a girl from a rival cafe, Chiya Ujimatsu, who is very chillax and has a sweet tone, and Chiya’s best friend, Sharo Kirima, a girl who everybody thinks is rich but is actually pretty poor and wants to impress Rize, who she looks up to.

Image result for gochiusa chiya sharo gif

To sum it all up, this show about five girls who go on silly little adventures with each other in their small town. Oh, yeah, there’s rabbits too.

Image result for gochiusa gif

My thoughts on this show: it’s enjoyable. The story is basically a normal slice-of-life show where we see the daily lives of these girls. The art is very pretty and it looks nicer from other anime. The characters are entertaining and have their different characteristics like how Kokoa is very energetic and doesn’t think about what she does next while Chino is quieter and keeps telling Kokoa to calm down. The enjoyment factor is present, there are times where the show made me chuckle a little.

Image result for gochiusa gif

In conclusion, if you want to watch a funny show about the daily lives of a bunch of cute girls, this might be the perfect show for you. 🙂

MAL Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/21273/Gochuumon_wa_Usagi_Desu_k


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