Sekai no Yami Zukan – Fear Level is Disappointing

Yousoro and welcome to a special Currently Watching post on the Alfredeo Blog. If you don’t know about this segment, this is where I talk about an anime I am, like the title, currently watching, what I think about it, make predictions and if I’ll keep watching.

Today’s CW is about a show that is currently airing for the Spring 2017 anime season called, Sekai no Yami Zukan, or in English, The World YAMIZUKAN, made ILCA who surprisingly helped make the Love Live movie… you can read my review on that great movie here if you want. Also, apparently this studio really likes to make horror shows.

First thing I saw about this show was this:

Image result for Sekai no Yami Zukan

Like holy jesus, that definitely looks like a horror anime, right? I’ve never watched a horror show in my anime watching career, so I was a little excited about this.

Except that the excitement factor dropped to zero.

This show seems like it’s like 8 minutes an episode and the first one was about a husband whose wife leaves the house in the middle of the night, and he investigates what she’s doing and if his wife is cheating on him. But, it wasn’t another guy. It was an alien about to abduct her. An alien ship apparently landed on Earth and were abducting people in order to do their special experiments.

What I didn’t like about this show, right from the get-go:

Art style is much different from what I am used to. While I can see some people really liking it, it doesn’t really click with me. What I saw in the picture above did not meet my expectations on how this show appears, art-wise.

Image result for Sekai no Yami Zukan

The story is apparently in the “omnibus” format where they show different scary scenarios each episode. This particular scenario was something I’ve seen before in other movies and TV shows so it wasn’t really special. Even though many anime take already used ideas like a girl falling in love with a guy (and some do a great job making it interesting), this show just copied the alien abduction idea to the bone and didn’t really have, I guess, “pizzazz” in it.

Image result for Sekai no Yami Zukan

The fear factor (y’all remember that TV game show?) was at an all-time low. Not scary at all. If you were expecting something that was going to make you jump or give you chills, you’re not going to get that experience watching this show.

I know that this is only the first episode, but it really sucked. I will give it one more episode to change my mind about this show but if that doesn’t up the ante, I’m dropping it.

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