Unusual Powers and Royalty – Day 1 of Spring 2017 Anime Season

Yousoro and welcome to a very special Currently Watching event where I’ll be talking about the first episodes of the newly airing anime in the Spring 2017 anime season. The new shows have been rolling in so I decided to get my hands on some of them and see if they are any good.

We won’t count my last CW on the abomination that is called Sekai no Yami Zukan as part of this event so don’t worry about that.

Today, April 5th, 2017, three shows (of my own knowledge) came out: Sakurada ResetSakura Quest, and Love Kome: We Love Rice.

While I didn’t see Love Kome on the streaming site I use, I watched the other two shows.

First up:

Sakurada Reset

Alternative name, Sagrada Reset, this show is being made by David Production, who you might know made the recent Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and Ben-to.

The story goes that in a small town of Sakurada by the Pacific Ocean, half of the population have special abilities/powers. Two specific people at a local high school, Kei Asai, who has the ability to remember the past, and Misora Haruki, who can reset the world three days in the past, think of a save state in a video game. But the problem with her power is that she forgets everything that happened in those three days, which makes them never happen. (did that make any sense to you or am I blabbering here, if so I apologize lol)

These two individuals then combine forces to complete missions for the Karikyoku, the group who controls and looks over people who have special abilities.

In order to do that task, Kei and Misora must become at least friends. While Misora says that she never trusted anyone in her life, Kei makes it his ultimate goal to earn the trust of Misora, by any means necessary.

My thoughts on this:

Pretty interesting. There were times where I was like, “wait, what? that didn’t really make sense” but for the most part, it’s got potential to be a pretty good anime. I personally never really seen a concept like this in anime form, so we’ll see how it goes. Apparently, there are stories that are three episodes in length, so just keep that in mind.

Characters, especially the two main ones Kei and Misora, talk very, very monotonous and bland. That might be a big factor of not continuing because you might think that they’ll be like that for the rest of the series. But, I hope they don’t keep talking like that or else I’ll be bored out of my mind. Otherwise, they are pretty interesting characters that have a lot in common, making you think that they make a great duo.

Art looks pretty. I like it, it seems different from other anime and I think David Production has their own art style that looks nice.

In conclusion, I will keep watching this because after watching first episode, I thought it was very interesting to watch. I read on different sites on how people didn’t really enjoy it because it was really confusing and boring for them but, just give it a few more episodes to get better.

Sakura Quest


Made by P.A. Works who also worked on Angel Beats! and Charlotte, this anime is about a young woman with big dreams named Yoshino Koharu, she moved to the big city of Tokyo to attend college and with graduation coming up, she has difficulty finding a job in the modeling industry.

She hates the countryside and even told her mother that she’ll never come back to her hometown.

After many companies turning down her job application, one company finally picked her up and sent her to the countryside to do some sort of tourism job.

After a fluke in writing the correct name and Yoshino being the wrong person they expected, the boss of the tourism thing began to be frustrated but Yoshino wanted to help this small town in any way possible, even though she wasn’t suppose to be there.

To sum it up, the boss/old man who runs a tourism program where they do performances about Chupacabras and royalty like a Queen and King, to be honest I really don’t know, I would have to watch this episode again to clarify what I’m talking about. But basically this small town wants to make this tourism program popular again, and reinvigorate the town, in order to do that, they hire a few women to help.

For the first episode, it has potential.

Story is a bit odd but they make it interesting. With the small town and the old man running the tourism program begging and doing silly stuff like dressing up in a Chupacabra costume to make Yoshi reconsider staying at the small town to help them made the show interesting and give me a little chuckle. I think I would boil it down to “a story about a normal city girl who has to regulate herself to now living in the countryside again”.

Art doesn’t pop out to me. It looks like a regular slice-of-life anime.

In conclusion, I’ll keep watching it but I won’t make any promises that I’ll finish it. It was a little boring in some parts and I hope throughout the rest of the episodes it’ll be decently interesting.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post was at least decent since I was rushing to get this done, which I apologize. Come back tomorrow for Day 2 where I will review the first episodes of Renai Boukun and Tsuki ga Kirei!

Sakurada Reset MALhttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34102/Sakurada_Reset

Sakura Quest MALhttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34494/Sakura_Quest




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