Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Day 2 of Spring 2017 Anime Season

Yousoro and welcome back to the Currently Watching special event on The Alfredeo Blog where I watch the first episodes of some of the new anime that are airing right now and I share my thoughts on them.

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Today’s shows are coincidentally both romance anime, Tsuki ga Kieri and Renai Boukun.

First up:

Tsuki ga Kieri

Image result for tsuki ga kirei

Made by feel. who also brought you anime like Kiss x Sis (i heard that show is trash) and Mayo Chiki!, this is in fact another romance anime by these fellas, going by another name, As the Moon, So Beautiful.

The story is about two students in their final year at middle school, Kotarou Azumi, a boy who enjoys reading and it seems like he himself is aspiring to become an author, and Akane Mizuno, a girl who is on the track and field team. To give you a quick summary of this show, these two shy individuals start to notice each other and slowly create a romantic relationship. I don’t like the wording I used but I can’t really think of a better way of saying it.

My thoughts:

I really like it.  It’s a very pure and chill romance anime with young love starting to sprout. There were parts that were nice such as the restaurant scene where Kotarou and Akane’s families coincidentally went to the same restaurant. They both notice each other, making the parents meet and basically embarrass the two. It’s very relatable and that’s basically how I felt when my mother started talking to the mom of a girl from my class at the supermarket or something.

I haven’t watched any of feel’s shows so I don’t know if this is their standard way of making shows but man did they do a pretty good job.

The art is beautiful. While the animation/art looks a little different than other anime, the filler transition scenes have CGI. For example, while we’re looking at the school’s baseball field, the students walking around in the background look like poorly animated 3D characters. While it’s very minor, I don’t know, it bothered me a bit.

Music though, wow. The BGM (background music) fit perfectly in with scenes in the show. It’s very chillax and has a romance vibe to it. It reminded me of the music from the video game series Animal Crossing, which they also have very chillax music in it.

Characters are decent. The show introduced them pretty quickly and appropriately. It showed the two’s hobbies and clubs that they do and then started to create chemistry between Kotarou and Akane.

In conclusion, I will keep watching this show. The only problem I have is that the show will possibly become boring, which I pray to God it doesn’t. Other than that, it’s very cute and pure.

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Renai Boukun

Image result for renai boukun

my god this show.

Adapted from a manga and made by EMT² who also made Kuma Miko and fucking NYANKO DAYS, this is also a romance show but much more random and crazy than Tsuki ga Kirei.

So, a regular guy named Seiji Aino, who has never kissed a girl before, meets an angel who shows him a notebook called a “Kiss Note”, an obvious parody of a notebook from a famous anime called Death Note. In Death Note, when you write a name in the notebook, that person will die or something, I never watched the show. But, in this show, you write the names of two people, then they will both become a couple in the near future.

Image result for renai boukun seiji

So basically, the angel, her name is Guri, needs Seiji to put a girl’s name next to his so those two can kiss, or else Guri dies. Don’t know how but I don’t want to know either lol.

We then meet another girl, Seiji’s long-time crush, the popular Akane Hiyama. While Seiji looks at them never being in a relationship, Akane on the other hand WANTS Seiji to confess to her since she started liking him as well. But, when Akane found out that Seiji kissed Guri, she goes into killing mode. I think she’s called a “yandere” if I’m not mistaken.


So then Seiji, Akane and Guri end up in a three-way relationship due to Guri writing her name in the Kiss Note with Seiji and Akane’s name. This starts a sour relationship between the two girls.

Guri starts living with Seiji and brainwashes his parents so they can accept Guri in their household. Also, there’s Guri’s supervisor who took over Seiji’s cat’s body and it looks fucking horrifying.

Image result for renai boukun cat

THEN, we meet another girl who has been watching everything that has been going on with the trio named Yuzu Kichougasaki, who secretly has a crush on Akane… oh by the way, they’re sisters.

Image result for renai boukun yuzu

In fucking conclusion, this show is about some weird ass love polygon between a guy and a bunch of girls with unusual personalities.

My thoughts:

It’s actually really funny. At first, I thought that this would be like romcom with decent levels of both romance and comedy. But, no, this show takes the level of rom and com and makes it go through the roof.

This show is very fast paced and random, which is a big element on why it’s funny. It reminded me of a short anime called Teekyuu, which is much, much more fast paced than this show, but are pretty much the same concept with speed. The humor is like stupid funny, meaning that random dumb shit comes up like at first you see that Akane is a nice, friendly, popular girl but once she sees that the guy she likes cheating on her, she takes out an intimidating weapon. I don’t know about you but dumb humor is pretty funny to me.

Characters are really funny, especially Guki. She looks like a helpful angel but in reality she’s lazy as hell and doesn’t want to work even though she can possibly die if she doesn’t. Akane is just insane. Yuzu is a very interesting character, she absolutely wants to date her own sister. Finally, the guy, Seiji, he just gets sucked into this mess and just goes with it.

In conclusion, I will keep watching this crazy ass show. It genuinely made me laugh a few times and that means it’s a good show for me.

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To end off today’s post, if you want to watch a chill, pure romance show with young lovers, watch Tsuki ga Kirei. If you want to watch a funny, fast-paced, random romance comedy, watch Renai Boukun.

Tomorrow, I believe Re:Creators and Hinako Note will start to air, so hopefully I’m not wrong and there will be a post about those two!





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