Rice and Theatre – Day 3 of Spring 2017 Anime Season

Yousoro and welcome to a late post on the Currently Watching special segment where I have been reviewing the first episodes of newly airing anime for the Spring 2017 season, what I think about them and if I will keep watching them.

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Today’s two anime that I watched is Hinako Note and Love Kome: We Love Rice!

First up:

Hinako Note

Image result for kuina natsukawa

Made by Passione, the people who brought you Rail Wars!, this show is about a country girl named Hinako Sakuragi who recently moved to the city to attend high school there. Upon stepping into a new environment, the amount of people and different individuals randomly talking to her makes her freeze and become a scarecrow-like figure.

She then finds her home, a bookstore run by Kuina Natsukawa, who apparently really enjoys eating pages in different books. Yes, she eats paper.

Image result for kuina natsukawa

Hinako then meets another girl, Mayuki Hiiragi, who looks like a maid who works for the household, but is really a waitress for the cafe that connects to the bookstore.

But basically, after getting to know her roommates, she reveals that she moved to the big city because she wanted to participate in a theater club after seeing a beautiful performance in the local school at that city she just moved in. That’s the premise of the show.

My thoughts:

It’s alright. It’s heavily similar to GochiUsa, a show with basically the same concept, a girl from another area moves to a new town, starts living with a family/person who owns a business and then becomes really good friends with everyone.

Art doesn’t really pop out to me.

Characters are pretty decent. The MC, Hinako, is a total country girl and gets nervous when strangers talk to her. Kuina eats paper. Mayuu wants to act like a big sister but in reality she looks like she could be in elementary school. The characters are all different and have individual personalities that are entertaining.

In conclusion, it’s one of those shows. Kawaii girls doing kawaii things, basically. It’s a very slice-of-life show. If you enjoy that kind of anime, this might be another good one for you.

MAL Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/33948/Hinako_Note

Love Kome: We Love Rice

Image result for love kome we love rice


Made by the studio Encourage Films who also create Etotama and Symphogear, this show is about how in the modern day, bread is becoming more popular and being bought more rather than the ultimate Asian side dish, rice. A whole academy was created just to help spread rice around the world and tell everyone to buy rice again. Right when new students were coming into the school, the principal or headmaster announces that the school will be shutting down due to the lack of people applying. This makes Hikari Hino furious and wants to do anything just to keep this school alive and tell everyone in the world to eat rice.

Image result for love kome we love rice

My thoughts:

Story’s conflict reminded me of Love Live’s conflict a lot. Actually, it’s basically the same. If you watched Love Live, you’ll understand it more but, Honoka (LL’s main character) wants to keep her school from shutting down by any means necessary. In this show, it’s the same thing. Other than that, they establish the story and conflict pretty well in four minutes.

Characters… this show’s episode length is so short that the only character I got a little bit of information was the main character, Hikari. As I said, he is determined to save his school from shutting down and yeah, he seems very energetic as well. Other characters weren’t really introduced that much yet so I can’t say anymore about this.

You know, the concept is kinda dumb but at least this show’s length is only four minutes an episode. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to listen to some guy expressing his love for fucking rice for twenty-four minutes, once a week for 12+ weeks. I think I would go insane and drop this show if that was the case. I’ll give it another episode to make it better but I’m leaning towards that this show isn’t good.

MAL Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34402/Love_Kome__We_Love_Rice

You can go ahead and give these shows a try. It wouldn’t hurt to experience it and then determine if you want to keep going or not. If you have interesting thoughts on either of these shows, comment in the comments section, I would like to see how you feel about these two unique shows.

Tomorrow, expect the shows Re:CreatorsKabukibu! and Eromanga-sensei on the blog, with my thoughts on how those shows are for the first episodes.






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