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**WARNING: This review will contain spoilers from the two seasons of the anime K-ON! and mild spoilers from the movie. Read at your own risk.**

Story is, I was busy today, I didn’t really want to watch any new shows and I’ve been meaning to re-watch this movie recently so I did.

Fun fact about me: I absolutely love the anime series made by Kyoto Animation, K-On!, one of the most popular and influential slice-of-life shows of anime history. It was one of the first anime shows I’ve ever seen, other than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and ever since I finished this series, I still find myself humming their songs randomly and traditionally re-watching it every year. To sum it all up, five girls at a high school join a club called the “light music club” where they make superb music, eat sweets and drink tea and do random fun shenanigans together as great friends. If you enjoy a good slice-of-life that also has great music, I HIGHLY suggest you should watch this show… you know, just watch it in general.

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But today, we are not going to talk about the show. This post is about the feature film that came out a year after the second season ended. Also, you might not want to read this if you haven’t seen the show yet.

With college acceptance out of the way and graduation on the horizon, Yui feels that her and the rest of the seniors, RitsuMio and Mugi should do something senior-like before they graduate. After hearing that the volleyball club will be traveling to Hawaii for their senior trip, the light music club are determined to take a trip somewhere as well.

Everyone had a different idea on where to go, Yui wants to go to Europe, Ritsu wants to go to Dubai and Mio favors London, England. With the help of their kawaii turtle, Ton-chan, it was decided that they would be going to London, the city of many famous rock musicians such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

Adding to the overseas trip, Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi want to do something special for Azusa, the underclassman in the club, before they graduate. They all hope that going to London would possibly help them get inspiration on what to do for Azusa while trying to keep it a secret from her.

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Upon arriving in London, many bumps were in the road such as them going to the wrong hotel, them hardly speaking any English and they even performed at a sushi bar when they just wanted to have dinner in peace.

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But the most random occurrence was when an acquaintance of Sawako-sensei, their club advisor, invited them to perform at a festival focusing on spreading Japanese pop-culture. HTT just went along with it, performed some of their songs and had fun, with them rushing to not miss their flight immediately after.

Back home, classmates of the seniors were asking them all about the London performance and even suggested that they should perform at school before graduation. In HTT fashion, they just went with it and with the approval from Sawako-sensei, they performed for their class and other schoolmates for the final time before they graduate.

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The finale now comes. After graduation and with their powers and ideas combine, they perform a heart-warming and emotional song, “Tenshi Ni Fureta Yo” just for Azusa in a very, very, very good ending to a very good anime.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE. While I feel that some minor parts in the film went a bit too fast, overall it’s a great movie.

Story is actually pretty good. The decision to go to London, the different random events that happened to the club, the performance in London all leading up to the end where the upperclassmen present a song for Azusa is shown really smoothly and at a good pace. The emotions and tears balling up in my eyes were definitely present.

The comedy was present. The many times that the seniors, especially Yui, tried really hard to keep the final song a secret from Azusa, made me chuckle a little. Azusa obviously saw that they were acting suspicious and the seniors desperately covering up their mistakes was amusing.

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Kyoto Animation did a great job upping the ante with the animation for this film. I felt that it was better looking than the original show and the movements were smoother. I don’t know how much their budget was for this film but I think they used the money well.

Let’s talk about the music. Other than their songs from the show, they showed off a few new ones. While I still love the original songs, I would’ve wanted more new tracks from them instead. I found myself humming along when they performed most of the songs so that shows that the music is burned into my mind, as well as many other people’s. Even at the end credits, listening to “Fuwa Fuwa Time”, their hit song, for the last time made me a little emotional. I’ll also add that the amount of story and music was balanced well and not too much of either was in play.

In conclusion, if you liked the original anime, you definitely need to watch this movie. Either you agree or disagree, but this was the perfect end to the girls’ journey through high school and their fun adventures with each other. Kyoto Animation did a superb job finishing off the series and made this movie one of their best ones yet.

Can’t find a way to watch this movie? https://9anime.to/watch/k-on-movie.214/j2kwy

MAL Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/9617/K-On_Movie




One thought on “K-On! Movie (Review) – KyoAni at It’s Finest

  1. K-ON is very adaptable to different formats. Whether it’s a special, a full length movie or series, somehow it all works out. Perhaps it’s the likable cast or the setting which speaks to many in the domestic audience. The London setting was a good choice, although they could do a better job capturing the London vibe. But all in all it was a great watch and I hope more movies are to come.

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