When Anime Becomes Real – Day 4 of Spring 2017 Anime Season

Yousoro and welcome back to the Currently Watching special segment where I have been sharing my thoughts about the first episodes of various shows that are airing this second.

  • Read my thoughts on previous shows such as Tsuki ga Kirei and Hinako Note here!

After I took a break to review the K-ON! Movie, I watched the first episode of the action show, Re:CREATORS made by the studio TROYCA, who also brought you Aldnoah.Zero.

In the first episode, we see a world full of technology and social media being very popular. A regular high school guy, Souta Mizushino, be apart of this world where he is up-to-date on all the new anime shows and even aspires to make a story of his own.

Image result for re:creators

After he starts to watch the latest episode of an anime that he currently watches, he suddenly gets sucked into the world of the anime. Like, he’s actually in the environment of the show.

Image result for re:creators

He meets two characters that are currently in a battle, Celestia Yupitilia, she seems like the main character of the anime, and Gunpuku no Himegimi, the villain it seems. After Celestia saves Souta from possible death, they both get transported to the real world, Earth. Yes, a fictional anime character goes into the real world.

Image result for re:creators

i apologize for the pictures, I can’t find any good ones

So basically, Celestia and another anime character from the show, Meteora Osterreich are stuck in the “world of gods” and Souta is their only help for survival until they get back to their own world.

My thoughts:

Not bad. It’s a concept I have definitely seen such as the comedy anime, Hataraku Maou-sama, where Satan gets turned into a human and ends up working in a McDonalds to survive until he can go back to his world. Except, this show leans towards an action anime rather than a funny one.

Characters are nice. Souta is just a plain old main character, he’s not too exciting. The characters from the anime/other universe, are somewhat interesting. Celestia is a hero who has a goal to defeat the villain like all superhero/action shows.

I think the main attraction for this show is definitely the action/fighting scenes. Pretty damn good, I’d have to say. Very smooth and it looked really good. Art is nice as well.

Image result for re:creators

In conclusion, I’ll keep watching. I don’t usually watch these kinds of shows a lot but this one seems promising. I enjoyed the weird concept and the action scenes so yeah.

There might be another Spring show review tomorrow, I am not very sure but just keep a look out for it!

MAL Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34561/Re_Creators



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