Garden of Words (Review) – Absolutely Amazing

A faint clap of thunder

Clouded skies

Perhaps rain comes

If so, will you stay here with me?

A faint clap of thunder

Even if rain comes not

I will stay here

Together with you

Why haven’t I heard of Makoto Shinkai before?

Made by CoMix Wave Films and mastermind director Makoto Shinkai who also created 5 Centimeters Per Second and Your Name., this is another romance drama short film about a 15-year-old high school boy named Takao Akizuki, an aspiring shoemaker, who skips school on rainy mornings to sketch ideas for his next pair to make. In the garden where he relaxes in, he meets a 27-year-old woman by the name of Yukari Yukino, a mysterious woman who likes to drink alcohol and eat sweets while skipping work. Every time there’s rainy weather, these two meet at the same spot in the garden and slowly create a relationship and being together makes them not worry about the negative aspects of life.

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But, with their personal struggles such as Takao still not sure about his future as he becomes an adult in the real world and Yukari feeling that she doesn’t belong in the adult society, plus with the rainy season about to end, they both fear that their special bond and friendship could possibly crumble.

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I just love this movie.

First off, we’ll address the most obvious element in this movie. The animation and art. Shinkai’s films, especially this one, probably have the most beautiful visuals I’ve ever seen in an animation movie. I might be completely wrong here and a lot of people might counter-argue but with movies with 2-D animations, Makoto Shinkai just picks out the perfect art directors who can amaze us viewers. I mean, even looking at rain dropping on the ground just makes me filled with awe.

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The story of two different people who have struggles in their lives and finally meeting each other to help save them from their troubles was very interesting to watch. The weather shown in this movie, rain, definitely had a major part. Every time it rained, Takao and Yukari had interesting conversations and bonded. But, when the rainy season ended, they barely met to spend time with each other. With the dramatic climax, the realization of romantic feelings for each other and the a-little-confusing-but-still-great conclusion of the movie, Shinkai amazingly used 45 MINUTES to convey a heart-warming and emotional story.

The two main characters had some great chemistry. From right when they first spoke to each other, to the day they shared their food with each other and even when Yukari let Takao touch her feet and measure it in order to help him with a new shoe design, these two individuals just clicked perfectly.

While I didn’t really pay attention to the background music, from what I remember, it had some nice and appropriate songs. With this movie being very chillax and mellow, the music basically matches the main type of weather in the film, rain, with it being very calm and a little gloomy.

In conclusion, this is a very beautiful movie. The drama, the romance, the art, the music, everything just was perfectly put together like a finished puzzle. I definitely think that this is better than Shinkai’s previous film, 5 Centimeters Per Second just because the story was much better and it was more enjoyable. After watching this movie, Makoto Shinkai is starting to become one of my favorite film directors.

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Tomorrow, I’ll finally find out if Shinkai’s new work of art really did get snubbed at the Oscars and why it broke the records of the creations of the great Hayao Miyazaki.

Look out for my review on Your Name. tomorrow. 🙂



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