My Top 10 Favorite K-ON! Songs

[this post has a little spoilers from the anime so beware, k]

I don’t know, after reviewing the K-ON! Movie, I returned to listening to Houkago Tea Time’s songs. To be honest, coming up with this list was extremely hard and it’s painful to leave some great songs out of this list. Also, I wanted to do a fun post so here it is!

I just want to remind you that this is an opinion post. Please do not take this list very seriously as I do not want to fight you in the comments on why your favorite song isn’t on this list. To be honest, I love all of HTT’s songs, these ten are just the ones that stand out to me.

10. Cagayake! GIRLS (Season 1 Opening)

Yes, the first song you hear when you start to watch this anime. The classic season 1 opening. Yui’s singing is very smooth, the music just keeps you on your feet and it’s just very energetic. Very good opening.

9. Singing (Movie Ending)

Ahhhhhh, this song. This is basically the last song we hear from Houkago Tea Time, since this was the song for the ending of the movie. It’s on the same lines as Don’t Say Lazy and Listen! with Mio’s voice being similar to those two songs. I don’t know but for some reason I feel like this song is a bit dark and the music video looked a little depressing. I haven’t read the lyrics in English to see if the song is suppose to be sad or not but yeah.

8. Fude Pen~Boru Pen [Calligraphy Pen~Ballpoint Pen]

The main reasons why I really like this song is the guitar solo at the beginning and the way Yui and Mio sing the bridge and the chorus. It’s just very nice to hear.

7. Gohan wa Okazu [Rice as a Side Dish]

Man, who knew that a song about how rice is amazing can be very catchy. Reading the English translation of this song, Yui expresses her love of rice and how she can eat it with anything; “fried noodles, octopus balls, pork wrapped in egg, this and that”. Also, the parts of the song where she says a statement then the rest of the band say something else back like this, are pretty amusing:

HTT: “Rice isn’t a side dish, you know!”
Yui: “Oh… I forgot.”

6. Watashi No Koi Wa Hotchkiss [My Love Is Like a Stapler]

This one probably one of the most popular songs from the anime. The guitar solo at the beginning is one that probably every K-ON fan remembers and again, Yui and Mio and the way they sing this song is just great. They really go well together when singing songs.

5. Pure Pure Heart

Performed in front of the members of the Mio Fan Club in the anime, this song is one that is very memorable just because of that episode in the anime. This song’s music and Mio’s voice go together like fucking peanut butter and jelly. Also, Yui saying her lyrics in between like “don’t stop the music” OOOOOOOOOOOH MAN THAT’S SO COOL

4. Ichiban Ippai (Movie Opening)

This song, oooh man. The first song we hear in the K-On movie, it is extremely upbeat and really nice to hear. With Yui’s kawaii voice as the main vocals and the rest of the band providing the background vocals, it really feels like you could use this song in a morning montage or something. With you waking up, opening the curtains to let the sunrise flow into your room, making yourself a nice breakfast and dancing in the streets with happy strangers joining you, you could seriously put this in a happy beginning of a movie cliche!

3. U&I

One of the more emotional songs that HTT has performed. If you’ve seen the anime, you would know that Yui wrote this song about her amazing sister, Ui. When you read the lyrics, you’ll see that it’s really heart-warming and just makes you want to cry a little. For example:

Simply being by my side you’ve always given me the courage
I wanna be with you forever and a day
I wanna tell you that this is how I feel

Whether under the sun or under the rain
You were always there when I needed you
Whenever I close my eyes I could see your smile shining brightly

Also, the way Yui sings this song, she sounds so honest and sincere about having the best sister in the world and how she can’t possibly live without her help and presence. Just a great, great song.

2. Tenshi ni Fureta yo! [We touched an Angel!]


The seniors’ extremely touching song dedicated to their underclassman, Azusa, was the most beautiful and, as I said, touching song in the anime. I am dead serious, and I won’t sugar coat it, every time I listen to this song, I almost cry. Just knowing that these amazing seniors would make a whole song about their best friend, all of them having a vocal part and being the last original song performed before the anime ended, man. It was just a great way to send us off to the movie.

Image result for k-on azusa cry

If we take a look at the English translate lyrics:

The platform at the station, the path by the riverside
Even if we’re apart, we can look up at the same sky
And sing in unison!

my god doesn’t that want to make you burst into tears

1. Fuwa Fuwa Time [Fluffy Time]

Not a big surprise here. The most popular song in this anime, Fuwa Fuwa Time, is just a very, very good song. Extremely iconic, catchy and the riff that they play at the beginning and later in some parts, you’ll get that it’s Fuwa Fuwa Time in a heartbeat. Yeah, all I have to say is that it is definitely my favorite song out of all of HTT’s works of art.

(thanks to the K-ON wiki for the English translation of the songs!)

I hope you enjoy that list and if you want to give out your list of favorite Houkago Tea Time songs, go right ahead and put it in the comments. I would love to see your rankings of the songs. Also, if you haven’t watched this anime, you should stop reading this and go watch it on a streaming site or something because if these songs didn’t convince you to at least check it out:

Image result for whats wrong with you gif

(it’s joke)

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