PLEASE Refrain from Doing These Things at the Movie Theater!

This rant/advice post was inspired from the night I watched Your Name. in a movie theater. When I watched that movie, I had a somewhat imperfect experience, not because of the movie itself, but the people around me and how they behaved. So, in this post, I will inform you on what you shouldn’t do while you’re watching a movie in a theater to get the best experience, not only for yourself but other people around you.

This is an opinion post. I am just giving you some advice and why I believe the things I say. I will respect it if you disagree with me but I really do not want to argue with you in the comments. Just know that I am not forcing you to do these things, you are a free person.


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Please do not talk during a movie. It’s fine if you ask your friend a yes or no question about the film real quick or tell them to move in order to go to the bathroom, but if you whisper numerous amount of times, you are obviously not paying attention to the film and it’s actually really distracting to other people around you. I had this happen when I was watching Your Name. and I really couldn’t focus on watching it because of that.

Eating or Drinking Loudly

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The way I worded that subtitle is definitely misleading so let me explain. Yes, it is fine to eat or drink something during a movie, I even get popcorn every time I watch something at the theater. But if you, for example, put your hand into the popcorn bag and rumble the bag and the popcorn or noisily crunch the popcorn in your mouth, it is definitely distracting. When I’m eating a loud snack, like popcorn, I try my hardest to keep it down or not even eat when there is a silent scene or an extremely important one, as I could possibly ruin it for others with my loud ass crunching. So let me make it clear, you can eat or drink in the theater, just know when it’s fine and when it’s not.

Reacting out Loud

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I had this happen when I watched Your Name. During a part of a scene in the movie that surprised us, someone in the crowd gasped. Let me be clear, only one person reacted out loud, nobody else. This made everyone else in the audience to laugh at that person’s reaction. Ok, even though someone reacted in a fairly funny way, it kind of ruined the importance and feelings that were felt about the scene. While I definitely had the same reaction as that person, what was going on in my mind just completely went away when everyone laughed after. Like, come on. It was a pretty important scene and I even missed why it happened. I’m not saying that I hate that person now, it’s just that people shouldn’t react in a unnecessary way such as laughing even after everyone else quieted down when the joke wasn’t that funny. And because of you responding to what happened in that way, you might trigger everyone else to laugh, especially when there’s an important scene.

Using Your Phone

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I’ve actually never seen anyone do this at a movie theater, only once at a presentation at my school, but this is something that the theater tells you many, many, many times before you watch a movie. You know how right before the movie starts a lady says it loud and clear, “be quiet and courteous to people around you and silence your cell phones now, yeah, do that immediately. When someone uses their phone, in a DARK movie theater, you and probably other people will now focus on that bright shining light rather than the film. You might think when you’re using your phone that you’re slick and have the brightness turned down all the way. No, it doesn’t matter, people will still see it. So please, in order to not get the stink eye from other audience members after exiting the theater, turn off your phone.

Spoil the Movie

I guess this could go with the talk part of this post but I feel like this is very important that I need to separate it.

Okay, cool, you’ve seen the movie you’re about to watch before. While you know what happens the whole way through, everyone else probably doesn’t. That means you should not tell your friend what happens next or how the movie concludes as that could ruin the WHOLE experience of watching for your companion AND the people around you. Now, you wouldn’t want your friend and possibly five people who were sitting next to you to waste $8 on a movie just because you told them that he or she dies at the end… or are you THAT evil?

After that night I watched Your Name, I just really had to rant about this. Movies are fantastic works of art that are fun, emotional and give you a nice experience. These things that I addressed could possibly ruin that experience for you and others. So, in conclusion, be courteous to other while watching a film in a movie theater and don’t be a nuisance.



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