Tsuki ga Kirei Ep 3 Thoughts – Dark Horse of the Season?

Fellas, if you’re alone with the girl that you like and it happens to be nighttime, just look at the sky up above and say to her, “the moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” and bam, you’ll thank me later.

Tsuki ga Kirei, or in English, The Moon is Beautiful is a romance anime airing this Spring 2017 season about two shy and calm middle school students slowly starting to create a young romantic relationship with each other. If you enjoy anime with slow and pure romance rather than a silly romantic comedy, this show might be interesting to you.

This week’s episode was pretty damn good.

**If you haven’t seen this episode, I’m gonna spoil it so just read at your own risk.**


It’s exam week at Akane and Kotarou’s school and it starts to get stressful, especially for Kotarou, since both have their own activities and personal worries like which high school will they pick for next year.

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If you remember from the last episode, Kotarou and Akane actually start talking to each other… well, at least instant messaging on their smartphones. While both are studying, Kotarou is hesitant at first but starts the conversation with her such as “are you studying as well?” and both start to talk about their personal problems. Akane says that she has a track meet on Sunday and it seems like Kotarou wanted to go and see her but he unfortunately has club practice that day. Better than nothing, he tells her that he’ll go to the shrine to pray that Akane will win at the competition.

FireShot Capture 13 - Watch Tsuki ga Kirei Eng_ - https___9anime.to_watch_tsuki-ga-kirei.lk0n_0q6prr

At the track meet, one of Akane’s friends and clubmates, Takumi comes up to her and tries to say something to trigger a possible more-than-friends relationship but some lady yelled just in time to interrupt him from doing that.

Track meet ends, Kotarou’s practice ends and coincidentally, they meet up on the street. Kotarou’s friend (i think) looks interested in what’s going on here so Kotarou goes to a more secluded place with Akane, just to not get too much attention.

They start talking about their day and what happened until a dead silence occurs. Kotarou starts to think about what to say and what comes out of his mouth…



I’ll keep this short but after this episode, this show and the story is now lifting off the launchpad, using it’s wings for the first time, walking without the need of their mom’s help and basically every metaphor for starting to become something great.

I had the fear that this show will possibly get boring due to the characters being a bit uninteresting and I guess being too timid but they’ve overcome the fear of even looking at each other and now he says the sentence we all want to hear in a romance show? I’m now starting to worry if he’s going a bit too fast now lol

With these two possibly starting to brew something up, we also have two other individuals who will probably get in the way of their relationship. Both Akane’s friends, a girl named by Chinatsu Nishio who seems like she has a liking to Kotarou since she now starts calling him by his nickname, Curly-kun; and a boy named Takumi Hira who was close to saying something to possibly start a romantic relationship with Akane. So at least we are also being introduced to a possible dramatic/jealousy aspect of this show.

Other than the story getting much more interesting now, the background music was beautiful and inserted at the right times.

So, yes, this show could seriously be the dark horse of the season, it just needs to maintain the level of interest that viewers have after watching the recent episode and also not go overboard with the drama or something along those lines.

To conclude, if you have been wanting to watch a romance show, right now might be a great time to start since this show is getting entertaining.

Have any interesting thoughts about this show or episode? Leave it in the comments! I would be happy to read any interesting observations or what you think about this show.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34822/Tsuki_ga_Kirei


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