Amagami SS – If You Like Romance, Definitely Check this One Out

**I apologize if the title was a little clickbait-y but my thoughts about this anime are pretty genuine so just believe me on that. thanks.**

There was a time on the Alfredeo Blog where tags were unknown by me… so now I’m grateful that I can actually share my thoughts with other people 😛

This show was the first anime that I reviewed on this blog. After re-watching some episodes and thinking that my old review basically spoiled the whole show, I decided to come back to this one to tell you about it.

It was a few weeks before Christmas and I asked one of my friends, “what’s a good anime to watch during Christmas time?”. He then showed me this:

Amagami SS (2011), is a romance comedy made by AIC, who also created anime shows like Acchi Kocchi and Hourou Musuko. This show was primarily based on a Playstation 2 dating sim that only released in Japan by the same name. More recently, this show is also connected with a spin-off anime that aired during the Winter 2016-17 season called Seiren and if you want to read my thoughts on that show, be my guest.

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It’s Christmas time and a high school boy named Junichi Tachibana can’t forget what happened two years ago on Christmas Eve. He unfortunately got stood up by his date and never got the chance to possibly start a romantic relationship with someone. Now a high school student, his daily life activities usually consist of hanging out in his planetarium closet and spending time with his two good friends, Umehara Masayoshi and Kaoru Tanamachi.

Image result for junichi kaoru umehara
Junichi Tachibana and his broski, Umehara Masayoshi

Junichi’s high school life got more interesting as he starts to create relationships with six different girls in his school such as Haruka Morishima, a popular and beautiful girl who everyone adores; Sae Nakata, a shy freshman who has a significant breast size for a freshman (yes, I definitely had to mention that); and even Tsukasa Ayatsuji, the hard-working class representative who can have two different sides to her.

Image result for amagami ss
from left to right: Tsukasa Ayatsuji, Rihoko Sakurai, Kaoru Tanamachi, Sae Nakata, Ai Nanasaki, Haruka Morishima

This show’s story is laid out with a omnibus format which essentially means, in this case for this show, every four episodes is one story with Junichi creating a romantic relationship with one girl. After those four episodes, the universe “resets” and another girl comes in for another four episodes, and so on and and so on. I really hope that made sense, if it didn’t, I apologize and you should look it up for yourself.

I’ve watched a significant amount of romance anime, it is one of my favorite genres, but this show is hands down my favorite romance.

Image result for shocked gif
your reaction, probably

Now hold on there, before you go and yell at me on why a much more popular and better romance show exists, this is an opinion post. Please respect my stances on things and I’ll definitely respect yours.

The story of Amagami was definitely interesting. Each “arc” or story with each girl was very unique and interesting to see how Junichi and that girl will create chemistry with each other until they finally kiss to seal the deal, whether or not they knew each other for a long time from being childhood friends or just meeting each other immediately. The amount of drama was sufficient as well and sometimes you really didn’t know what would happen next. As for the comedic aspect, there was some funny jokes here and there, especially Junichi’s sister, Miya who would do things like… play with Sae’s breasts but yeah. Moving on, I’ll get into more on how different each arc was when I talk about the characters.

Image result for amagami ss miya gif

The art and animation in this show isn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen in an anime but it’s still pretty good for a normal slice-of-life romcom.

Image result for amagami ss

The characters in this show have their own unique personalities and behaviors, which makes this show enjoyable. Each arc/story with a different girl really does give us a different story from the previous one and I think that was the main factor why I kept watching and loved this show. For example, you have a girl who has been friends with Junichi for almost her whole life and is not sure if they both should take it to the next level while on another hand, you have a more mysterious freshman who didn’t like Junichi at first but her feelings change for him. Even the main character, Junichi, added to the story well, with his traits such as kindness and helpfulness with him also being a little pervy, being shown in all of the arcs. If you want to know who my favorite girl is, it’s Kaoru. Try not to be too angry about that and why Ai is much more superior to you.

Image result for amagami ss kaoru

The music is just fantastic. The artist, azusa, who made the both seasons’ openings and second season’s ending, her voice and the music just mix together very well. I love all of her songs that were featured this anime and it really fits in with the show. While I have no clue on what the lyrics are and their meaning, it still gave me goosebumps, it was so good. Other than her songs, in the first season, each arc had it’s own ending with the main girl of the arc singing it herself. It was a nice touch and all of them were enjoyable, especially Ai’s song OH MY GOD THAT ONE IS INSANELY GOOD

In conclusion, if you really enjoy romance shows, I highly suggest you should at least give this a try. The unique way this show’s story is laid out, the different characters, the romance, drama and comedy mixed together pretty well and the great openings and endings is why I love this show. I am the kind of person who goes by the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and if the overall score of this show on MyAnimeList makes you back away from it, like I said, at least give this show a chance. I love this show so much that I can go on and on talking about it but I would probably spoil it for you so go watch it!!!!

MyAnimeList Page


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