Haibane Renmei – Wanna See How Angels Get Their Wings?

Good evening folks, it’s finally the weekend. This week has been a bit slow for the blog and my personal life so hopefully next week, I’ll be at full steam ahead…

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So today, we are coming back to my special segment on this blog called, Currently Watching, where I discuss about an anime show that I am watching at this moment, what I think about it, give you the story so far and if it’s worth continuing/watching.

Today’s show is Haibane Renmei (2002), a psychological, dramatic slice-of-life fantasy made by Radix, which seems like they only were active in the anime industry during the 2000s and just stopped making anime in the late ’00s. Their most famous show is this one, Haibane Renmei.

I’ve only watched one episode so far so just think of this as a little bit of an episode review and there might be mild spoilers.

The story goes that a young girl who doesn’t remember anything the past, suddenly starts falling high from the sky and wondering what is going on. She then wakes up in a cocoon and hears people talking from the outside. Those people outside are Haibanes, young individuals with gray wings and bright yellow halos, resembling angels

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From left to right: Hikari, Kana, Kuu, Reki and Rakka

The young girl then gets a name from the rest of the Haibane, Rakka, meaning “falling” in Japanese or one of the different ways of writing in Japanese, I’m not sure.

So the conflict is apparently that the Haibanes do not know, and are suppose to not know, what’s beyond the walls that surround them. So with Rakka’s curiosity, she and the other Haibanes go out to discover the truth and what’s out there in the world.

For the first episode, holy jesus, that had many emotions going through me.

The story is definitely interesting. It’s something that it shown a lot of stories, a person who is isolated from other possibilities due to the rules of their society then becomes curious and takes risks to discover new things. Well, I don’t know about the risk part yet but I assume that’s how it’s going to go down.

I’ll also add that there were a lot of questions in my mind such as “why isn’t she a baby when she comes out of the cocoon” and “how is she different from other haibane” but I’m pretty sure those questions will be answered throughout the show.

The art isn’t great but what can you do. This was 2002. It also has a dark vibe to it, the genres being drama, psychological and fantasy, those genres can be pretty dark. Especially when Rakka had her wings growing out. That was intense.

The characters were interesting. They had their different personalities and traits and the chemistry between them and Rakka started off strong. All the characters’ names were named after the dream that they had while they were in their cocoons, which was an interesting touch.

The music, not bad but it didn’t really click with me.

So, will I keep watching this? Definitely. It’s an interesting show and it’s something that I can watch to get away from the kawaii school based shows for a while. I have experienced deep, psychological shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion so maybe it’ll be on the same level as that.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/387/Haibane_Renmei

I apologize if this post was a little bit vague, as I said, it’s been a slow week for me so next week will definitely be much better for me. Monday will be the start of a new thing I’ll be doing on the blog, so look out for that!



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