Day 1 of “30 Day Anime Challenge” – Very First Anime Watched

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Yousoro and welcome to a new thing I’ll be doing on this blog. This will add onto the random anime reviews, Currently Watchings and Top # lists so, more variety!

This was mainly inspired by me seeing someone on Instagram do a 30 day challenge for the Love Live anime so I was like, oh this seems fun.

Basically this challenge lasts for a month where you get to answer one of the topics in the picture above each day. Today’s topic is the very first anime I’ve ever watched and tomorrow will be my favorite anime and so and so on.

There will be one of these every month, next month will probably be a Love Live themed one even though I was so close to doing that one this month.

Oh yeah, let me also address this. This is opinion based. For example, if on day 8, where I talk about my favorite anime couple, you shouldn’t get angry at me and tell me that there is a much better relationship than my choice. Please do not be like that. I’ll be fine if you tell me your favorite couple in the comments, just don’t add any rude statements. Thanks!

Let’s begin!

The first anime I’ve watched… if my memories serve me right, I believe that the first anime show that I watched and finished was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007).

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Made by Gainax, the folks who brought you other mecha shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion (i suggest you should watch that one) and FLCL.

This is an action adventure mech comedy about two close buddies from a small village deep under the surface, Kamina, a man with many aspirations and goals and his brother from another mother, Simon, the complete opposite, a kid who is usually timid and doesn’t have any goals.

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While excavating the earth, Simon discovers a mysterious item, which he finds out is an ignition key for a small, yet powerful robot named Lagann.

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They then use Lagann to fight off a surprise attack from the surface, with the help of the good-looking and badass Yoko Littner and together, they go on a journey to see what great discoveries they can find on the surface, somewhere they have never been before.

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To summarize this show in two words: fucking badass.

This show is just amazing. I think I was 7 or 8 years old and while I was watching this, I was in awe. The awesome fighting scenes, the interesting story line and the entertaining characters made my 8-year-old self obsess over this show.

The story is definitely something that interests you a lot. There are many shows/movies where a person isolated from the rest of the world, so that person gets curious, breaks some rules and eventually gets to see the mysterious wonders of what’s out there. But for this show, it’s much more than that. The comedy was present, mostly with the dumb witty jokes but they were still fairly funny. Also, drama was definitely a great part of this series, but I won’t get too into it because it’s spoilers.

Image result for gurren lagann gif

The characters in the show are entertaining. Kamina, Simon, Yoko and all the people they meet have their different personalities and the chemistry between certain characters are well-developed. It’s so cool that even Kamina and Simon’s fellow villagers help these two individuals a lot in their crazy adventures.

The art and animation are both very, very, very good. It’s a much different style than, say, Neon Genesis Evangelion, their other very popular mech show but it’s more modernized and cartoony, which fits the show well. The animation on mainly the fight and transformation scenes, man, did they do a great job on that.

Image result for gurren lagann gif

The music is magnificent. If you have been in the anime community for a while, you probably know this iconic opening:

My god it sounds so nice. I would have to watch this show again to hear the background music but I assume it’s as sick as this great song.

In conclusion, I loved this show back then and I still love it now. I feel like I should re-watch this show often which maybe I will starting this year! If you enjoy awesome action mecha shows with amazing and dramatic fighting scenes, goofy characters and some great songs to go along with it, I highly suggest you watch this anime.

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MyAnimeList Page

What’s your first anime show you’ve watched? Leave it in the comments below!

Check back tomorrow for day 2 of this challenge, where I talk about my absolute favorite anime of mine!



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